Tuesday, November 15, 2011

From a problem about doing SEO: Taobao customers can do it now

today when visiting the webmaster forum webmaster questions found a problem that Taobao customers now do it? see this issue, I think a lot about the SEO, but also on other aspects of SEO Therefore, particularly feelings, to sum up today, to express their own ideas out. Excavated from the SEO techniques to promote direction, and the mentality to do stand to share with you several ways. This problem is not just a problem, more of a lack of understanding of the industry, has been put in place for SEO grasp only generated. Development of the Internet so quickly now, we can say a lot of competition in the industry are very large, so if you want to do in this industry, the most important thing is your attitude and your skills, if you have these two, then on the Internet, Many things will become a little easier. Below I summarize their arguments.

SEO difficult and harvest

do SEO, there is certainly difficult, different industries in different natural difficulty of different keywords, but the harvest is different. Some key words so that Home will have a very large harvest, such as Taobao off on, as long as is relevant to some of the words Taobao daily search volume will be very large, with Taobao shielding Baidu out of state, so the opportunity is even greater. The owners of the question because I do not know what fear is, is too much competition? Profit is too small? Or limited their ability to do?

SEO options and technology

second is from the selection and technology to look at these two aspects. Choose the most important is the choice of keywords. Many industries, keyword selection is not good, it can be said even a white busy. The election of the key words, especially some long tail terms, then the profits will flow. Such as Taobao off, there are tens of millions of products, there are countless flagship store, there are many brands, such as long as careful excavation, it must be a gold mine. Of course, if you know it is very promising, just worried about their limited capacity, so that more is not a problem, because we can learn, nothing can hinder the pace of learning.

SEO's overall grasp of

overall grasp is actually very easy to do, and SEO also closely related. Example, want to do SEO Taobao off, but do not know whether there is potential for this industry, the overall profit of how, at this time can be very easy to judge by several aspects to. Products such as Baidu, or related directly to the search words, if the competition is large, then it shows great potential in this industry, if the competition in general, then the market generally; addition to a number of professional forums to see at a glance, such as Ali, mother, every day the amount of post is a macroscopic phenomenon. Because only the profit, there is the market phenomenon of hot industry will appear.

SEO need to adhere to the state of mind

SEO is the mentality of the last issue. SEO requires execution, but more lasting state of mind. After all, a keyword, a URL, an article for search engines is unknown. It needs to include enough time to crawl and eventually give rankings show. So, take time, need to accumulate. Taobao customers do like it, this question, the answer is yes, absolutely you can do, and many owners have done very well. If you have a good attitude, not too impetuous performance, then you will be able to do, so that the height you want.

In fact, sometimes the problem is not just a technical representative, it is implied and the mentality and psychological reactions. It reflects a lot of SEO and SEO other than the topic, if we can assess the situation and understand clearly their own, to understand clearly the industry, a clear understanding of things outside of SEO and SEO, then you even close to a step away from success. Well, this article went to this bar, Dongying Driving http://www.dyxcw.net feed, reproduced, please keep the link, thank you!


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