Tuesday, November 15, 2011

User experience as the center of the SEO will become the ultimate road

user experience is not only areas of the site, one of the most objective definition of user experience, it says: User Experience, referred to as the UE, the Chinese translation user experience, is a purely subjective process in the user set up using the product feelings. Although it is a subjective experience, but for a well-defined user groups in terms of their feelings will be many similarities, so the common user experience designers are able to grasp, through well-designed experiments to understand that, for This optimization is called subjective feelings UEO.

UE filled with all walks of life in society, such as walking in front of 500 of the world, long before they began to research these past few years, China started by multinational companies as part of the Enlightenment , try to do some of the activities of the customer experience, such as China Unicom launched G3 on the use of the experience in each business area established by the Ministry in the form of new products to attract customers to do the experience, and thus achieve more sales purposes. Not just business, as some of the business sector, but also a similar "Mayor Connection" activities such as interaction with the masses, although there are some formalism, but effectively so that people feel the "government work for us." this concept, to some extent, this is a user experience.

IT industry has been in the most prominent position, is a new, extraordinary and special representatives of industry, the network is concerned, the continuous development of new technology makes the development of the Internet, such as "Lingboweibu & rdquo ; generally fast forward a few years in particular, is the argument of an era for the Internet industry. web2.0 era, the broadband network era, making the Internet is so colorful, you can enjoy the wonderful people staying at home. While the spread on the Internet in the hundreds of millions of sites, which is both good and bad, good is a new technology to make the full range of display products, bad products can be all-round display, how to make customers see their products become an important issue.

launch of PPC search engines, so that we suddenly realized that the original search engine premeditated so long, many years of propaganda is to be whole once they are in search for key words, the equivalent of only a handful of key words in money, in the network navy continue to click the mouse, the water is really the same as the renminbi become a "dirt" on tens of millions of dollars of income to what a concept. Before and after the 21st century, the study focused on the web site owners who later became part of the main force of Wangzhuan, station purposes and will have to do a qualitative change, it is a way station became Wangzhuan, more roots were all joined the ranks, rallied site, we are aware of the search engine rankings, will have Wangzhuan further possible and how not to spend money to make website ranking, this issue has become a priority.

At this point, those who focus on foreign Wangzhuan webmasters, through a long period of exploration, and finally learned that a search engine specifically for the technology, that is SEO, they are ecstatic, finally This can be done to find their own method of ranking websites. In 2006, SEO in China was officially take root, so when someone claims to have 20 years of SEO experience, we can not ignore, and this is purely Mongolian. China SEO development to the present, more and more companies starting to focus on SEO, on the one hand they do not want to vote in the competitive rankings too much money, the longer the more that can not afford such a way to promote wound; the other hand, SEO can play a the role of top-ranking sites, but the cost of greatly reduced, this is indeed a great temptation. Thus, a large recruiting sites SEO, technical studio in SEOER good man optimized springing up all kinds of SEO training, SEO industry really a red and purple.

many as excessive, some owners to earn money ad networks, the use of black hat techniques, ending station, the establishment of the station group, many sites do really bad to the extreme, but some of the words ranking is tied for first place, has a very good position, once the open web is everywhere Cang Yi, advertising everywhere pretty good, a lot of stations are inserted into the contents of text ads, so it's a sea of ??advertising. Should be grateful to these sites, let users determine the ability of advertising moving up a few levels, and now the general form of advertising, users can determine the basic, but once the judge is advertising, most of the time are hated, immediately close the page. Of course, search engines will not be taken lightly, and again to improve filtering technology to improve the ability to judge, and is now based on the content to determine the form of PR, search epidemic encourage white hat, black hat and resolutely crack down on more of the sand box, a few months time to visit a website, but also a new policy on a regular basis, these practices have greatly eliminated the refuse collection point further breeding.

followed by white hat techniques to optimize the site owners began considering ways to improve website ranking and impact factor ranking, this time, it was suggested that the user experience point of view, it that is, only the client will not resent your site further to stay, then go to the site other content, and can be done to make the user stop the basic points are: web speed, content, site structure, page affinity, interaction and so on. This view has been the recognition of the majority of owners, it offers a search engine to accepted practices, but also to improve the site's PR, to maintain site stability ranking, but to optimize the time to be longer.

the above description of the development process of SEO, we can see, SEO is the core concept has been developed, the beginning is different because of technology led to the misunderstanding of SEO, that does not result Respect the user's Web site appeared in large numbers. Now, with people's understanding of SEO, user-centered Web site model to be accepted, under the guidance of this technology, SEO will be more and more attention to user experience, I believe a few years, SEO will develop into a kind of & ldquo ; user experience "as the center of the optimization techniques, then, began to pay attention to those who advance the user experience of webmasters will get very good returns.

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