Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SEO optimization foreign chain construction few errors and points to note

As e-commerce development, website optimization and promotion operations are gradually paying attention to the majority of companies, seo is to be spread so slowly, many children's shoes are chosen in such a way seo try to make their own life pot of gold, with seo technology, whether their own business or work for others, will be the meat and potatoes, because not only for the site and seo company a brand, more importantly, customers come through search engines is very accurate, can be very fast to reach our target customers and then traded, but the seo process of the operation is not easy to grasp, is often heard down the right, a snapshot of correction, top down, etc., how out of seo optimization errors, Let's website faster and better in search engines to obtain good performance, I will introduce a common search engine optimization under the current operating errors, allowing you to optimize the process and draw attention to enter.

First, note that the number of outreach forum signature grasp. Forum signatures are a lot of friends now the preferred way to build one of the outreach, the main reason the forum will not only release high-quality forum signature fast, but included the effect is very impressive, easy to operate in a minute with a lot of signatures released outreach is Many of my friends will do the connection platforms, but I found that forum and the number of signatures in the collection does have advantages, but its increase in weight on the website or to be considered, here is the forum to draw attention to the signature of the connection can be done but should not large, single to do, if all of the site focused on outreach forum signature, so the development of the site is very unfavorable, I hope you pay attention to the degree of certainty, the appropriate signatures connection is a good way to attract spiders.

second, switched connection oriented pr. Many of my friends in the exchange site, or when connected to pr as a yardstick, as Google's exit, pr gradually fade in our view, a dominant domestic Baidu circumstances, when we should switch to connect to website content quality, user experience as the first, followed by sites and sites relevant snapshot of our key reference switch connected one of the indicators, they meet the above three points is low pr does not matter than we are, in the switched connection when appropriate dilute pr focus on relevance and website snapshots hope that we can pay attention to the next.

Third, be careful not to do too much space in Baidu outreach. Baidu denied the first product of its own weight is very high, especially Baidu Space, which is connected to a lot of people will do the site selection of land, but I remind you that you can operate but do not use too much space do Baidu website outreach, and other blog platforms can be combined as Baidu space with the soft release time, the connection will cause too much suspicion Baidu, K out to be serious blog is a common thing, a lot of friends outside the joint space only Baidu platform, then once K out blog on our website weight impact is huge, so I suggest, you can pre-attracting spiders, when the Baidu space appropriate to do to connect, post the best replacement positions in selected other platforms, such as corporate blog, Sohu blog, etc., these blog I draw attention to the quality and number of connections soft grasp of nature as far as possible, even if K we have other blog sites to support the weight of too little will not be affected.

Fourth, the number of connections should not have too much friendship. Link quality is the site of the weight of the necessary means, many of my friends own website pr and weight are good, find a lot of relevance to the Friends of the chain, here I remind you also pay attention to the number of Link grasp the premise of quality Link our website next best not to exceed 30 words too many search engines is very easy to note down the right connections even add, do not add too much time, do not change for the site for a long time friendship is not connected to such an extreme approach are not desirable.

Fifth, outreach release a large number of single anchor text. This problem is a lot of friends here, the performance of novice most obvious, the new station on the line to quickly improve your site ranking in search engines, keywords in the major platform for the main connection to do a lot of anchor text, anchor text is to improve the website ranking But one of the means necessary short-term lot is bound to cause a sudden increase in the anti-cheating mechanism of the search engines, Google bombs have been a few years before as a means of cheating, but many do not understand, or easy access to new errors, not only from to good effect but will be right down or even stop by K, which is a lot of friends complaining about their content is of high quality, outreach is done every day so why be a series of problems down the right, so I suggest Outreach website to combine the anchor text and URL, step by step, note that increasing the number of uniform.

Finally, sum up. Above website is external connection I was doing when previously encountered some of the effects of being punished or bad practice, detailed here and we share a moment, in the optimization process, the site on the line when we have construction site to do outreach strategies to connect the site to do what a reasonable release of planning, attention to these optimization errors, try to avoid these optimization errors. Healthy for our website development process played a good start. Well, today I will share with you to the side, seo seo more practical communication strategies Welcome to QQ group: 54641201 discussion, this article from the original first internal network security http://www.xki.com.cn Admin5 welcome reproduced, Please keep the website source, thank you.

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