Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tang Hao Kan: Website snapshot does not update the reasons?

Guangzhou SEO blog I recently updated the snapshot is no longer, because in the past few days I found a snapshot of my site slowed down, do not know because before the update and now Bowen is not the same, until a few updated every day, it is updated every day, there may be updates are original, good to see the recent articles are reproduced on over. Themselves come to the following questions:

snapshot does not update the blog is a lot of owners are headache, tonight I also used light SEO analysis tool checked the log and found that the more the search engine increasingly less. Not updated in the end what is it?

first point: Website, SEO blog because of my recent revision of Guangzhou, and this point is relevant.

second point: the site of numerous articles are not original, because before all original.

third point: the website title, website keyword, description of the modified calendar harm, my blog is often modified, this is the key.

fourth point: the weight of the site began to decline, and now the search engines your site is not located in a good position. From Guangzhou tonight SEO rankings can be seen, a lot of words from me tonight is out after twelve calendar harm, both before ranking fell in front of a few pages later.

fifth point: the site server instability space or leaving the site search engine friendly, often can not access, especially in the morning, when the spiders come most often, if not this time can access, update the snapshot will be temporarily if not long-term frequent visits, then there is the possibility of K stations, my space is a problem, especially slow to open.

These are just my personal opinion, which I recently met, so I write to others that we should not make such a mistake, let's look at how to solve these problems above, it .

first: websites do not often revised, no big problem it is best not to revision, modification and do not go casual. Want everyone to remember, tips: a push by the members of this worthy Hao Deng original, this in network marketing, SEO, web promotion, want to see the article on Hao Deng worthy of your worthy Baidu search Tang Hao, we can work together the exchange.

Second: is the best blog article updates the original, because the search engine is very much like the original article, that if every day is a very good original, this point I believe few people can do, a week is also similar. We must remember not to go directly to the reproduced over others.

third: the fast to the spider, the best way is to write original articles, to express, then messages with links, so that the spider will soon come, like many of my friends are writing original articles, updates to A5 above, this can bring a lot of the chain, the spiders will be caught.

Fourth: Web site title, keyword, description Once set up, it is best not tamper with, because I also modify the search engine will look not immediately see the results, it has been Since the rankings have not been stable.

Fifth: Links often to see because we do link with the website, some sites will always open, or is K, or is down the right, so we have to pay more attention to this point . I am in Guangzhou SEO, push a network to promote these keywords rankings are out tonight, the historical harm.

Summary: We best not to appear with the same error Hao Deng worthy Oh, because I have met, and that we should not again, oh. Of course, if we want to rank better, we can buy some good links to the single point hanging, because I optimized the site from a friend tonight at fifteen to update today, now ranked third, and are relying on a single link hang up. So the effect is very individual links good.

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