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Mixed Kid: The new station is not included in the delay analysis of the reasons

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reason to write this topic today, in fact, the day before yesterday I added a friends QQ, asked me a question, why are half a month on his website, but has not been included, in fact, this problem in the major webmaster forums are often mentioned, I have also experienced, but I do relative to the web sites, this situation is rare, but since this friend met this problem, I also probably help him analyze the , the article concluded today, the delay in the emergence of new stations are included in the analysis because the home page under, so more novice friends to understand the reasons for the new station is not included, and how to deal with, or the old saying, veterans who Fly fast, oh boy table mix we despise.

said first, under some of my basic experience, most of the new station included the time to treat each search engine is different, let's say the next major Baidu and Google, such as closing seconds of my blog Baidu, Google is also the day of collection , and 14, for example, I do a corporate website, Google included the day, and today has a collection of almost 100 records, but not the entire site is estimated that more than 150 pages, Baidu is included only 15, has also included a Home (In fact, experience has made station people know, Baidu has a collection of other pages, but not being put out), Baidu and Google's attitude towards the new station is also included different Ha, we today mainly to Baidu as the main target for this articles, Baidu is the leader who told, in fact, half or even a month if no one site is included, then the proof of the existence of this site for Baidu problems, we will summarize these issues, the situation is different for each site, we can only summarize a probably ha!

1, the site itself subject: for example, website keywords, such as those related to the theme of the site content is closely related to the collection, some sites in the search engine itself, which have special " care ", such as the gray word. We can note some of the webmaster forums section which questions many people ask the type of station, you are under careful analysis, you will find a lot of customers do so on Taobao, this site I believe many people do, I have done themselves However, this website contains some or essentially half a month after the month after, of course, not to say that immediately after the last line was not included, because each site is different, ha!

2 , Web sites often change: Who can say that never met this problem, including the old bird is the same, the site where on-line and suddenly found a problem, where in fact no one keyword search, and then went to change the words in the novice method of modifying the site which let's say the title of this situation, changing the way to go, had been placed in the database search engine to your site, have been about to put out, the results of assessment period is increased, so remember to keep in mind, on-line at the beginning, the site will need to identify good, have a suggestion you can give us, the time line on the site, write robots, prohibit search engines, on the line so you get rid of after the lifting of this restriction!

3, site structure: Why is it so say, is actually very simple, such as your blind date, a ruined girl capacity blind date with you, how do you think? (analogy, forgive me). Similarly, a structure is not clear, and even use some cheating tactics, such as text color and background color the same as the extensive use of Java, flash, etc. crafted web page, using the framework can not crawl the site as a whole less text, and images but no more than plus alt Note, dynamic web pages which contain too many parameters. These conditions will cause the search engine to identify your site more long-term study, so your site will be included slow

4, server factors: for example, server idle machine, site speed is particularly slow, and so open. Understand search engines better understand the mechanisms of friends here, the weight is not high for the site's Web site, the search engine spiders crawl the transfer of such sites is a frequency, rather than some of the high weight of the website, all day long depends on the spider do not go this way, if the spider first time, it does not include you, it will take a look at the second every 2 days to find your site suddenly open, and then it is gone, then it will be the third time every 5 days to when they just open up your site, then the next time to time may come every 15 days, of course, this figure is only an analogy there, but so does the probability of the transfer exist. Also open for web crawling speed impact this problem, most of my friends know, some people will ask not affect the collection of foreign space is, in fact, the domestic foreign space compared to slow speed, especially if slow to open, will definitely impact.

5, other: the many other factors, and here just for example the following: jump page, keyword density is too large, too keyword stuffing, Robots clerical error, the website frequently for space.

If you have such a situation, under the integrated control I wrote above, and then draw their own experience to deal with the new station, I believe that speed is not a problem included a question

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