Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baidu to do to promote the appropriate use of the experience


we all know the weight of their products is very high, many people use Baidu products are mostly concentrated in Baidu, Wikipedia, library, etc., but there is a good platform to try, is Baidu experience. Baidu good experience to do the appropriate use of promotion, there may be a new harvest.

Jiang Min took the following vote of a prior experience to a simple analysis of it, in June, his own blog post & ldquo ; novice blog prone to some of the defects "in Baidu experience submission, it has passed the examination and has been preserved.

released so far this experience has been viewed 151 times, the number is very small, but surely the title search related to only some novice bloggers, users can be read by the target accuracy is very high. Baidu experience in submission of the most important benefit is that you can leave honest outside the chain, optimize and target users of the site is very beneficial to the introduction of this product in the Baidu is very rare.

then, submission to what Baidu should pay attention to the details of the experience it? simple analysis:

1, the title selection, a good title can make more key words point to the article, so the title of the long tail keyword optimization is particularly important, but do not over-optimization Keywords or cut pile, you know, the intention is not too obvious by the title of the audit.

2, steps should be clear, Baidu is a step-based experience in general, this will make the content more clear and understandable, so