Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On the impact of three factors website ranking stable

for website ranking, ZAC master had seen an article, there is one sentence in particular. The original is this: is not my website ranking up, but I lost the front rank. This also explains all why. Many owners every day, check your keyword ranking, but do not forget also ranked opponents, when his ranking dropped, not to say that your site is broken, it may be moved up a rival site, so grab a your rankings, then we must learn to think, which shows the opponent with the optimization method on the surface than us, but the ranking does not depend on twelve days and see, should be long-term plan, stability is king, everything else God Ma clouds! So, do not despair, we can first stabilize ranked first, and then consider how to improve in a stable state ranking position. So how to do and how to make your site ranked in the stable? Here I share with you to analyze the relevant factors:

first space stability. Website ranking is stable or not stable with the space factor has an important association. If you open a website every few days, then not to mention a stable position, and even there is no ranking is unknown yet. I have also encountered such a situation, hard to optimize the ranking up, there was room for instability, leading to keyword rankings fall down one day and then directly go after the fallen one hundred. So space is the basis for ranking a website, if your space is unstable, then I advise you to change up early, or else the end, all of the hard living have become a wasted effort, and get really small, a large loss . Space stability, site ranking and the user has an important effect, do not think an access speed of 1 ms and a speed of one minute to access the same spatial position, the former even if the optimization is to do a little bit of the latter will do more than five percent of the optimization rankings high, because when the spider came to visit the site found that the site can not, then you can not crawl the content, over time, even to the spider may not come.

again is the content. New and original content with the site's ranking or not there is a certain relationship, although many can be reproduced by a large portal to get good rankings, but it is people come to pay pre-paid, can not be compared with the individual stations. For stations, the content is the most important impact of these factors, not one. Because the search engine is deliberately views for individual stations is to have its own content, this can not be reproduced by that to get good rankings reproduced. Popularity is not high in the case of want to get good rankings, you can only use the original content to attract spiders to crawl. If you do not so much original content, then we can every day to reduce the frequency of release, such as hair day every day is better than two original content made ten ranking reproduced much more efficient, but there will be the beginning of the content reproduced ranking , but unstable, maybe home row morning, noon, fell into but not out of sight. Original content is different because it is original, therefore, not be so easily defeated.

end is outside the chain. Many people know that the chain can increase website ranking, but also as a stable site outside the chain ranking. Outside the chain of how to stabilize the site for ranking, I give here a few suggestions: one outside the chain to continue to increase, only a continuous increase in the chain in order to better maintain existing rankings, in order to achieve steady rise, when the stability of the chain state up to a certain degree of time, then the next surprise is the steady increase in ranking. Two outer chain wide, not just in one place doing the chain, to pay attention to the breadth of the chain, so as to better help the site ranking steady rise in the state. Three outside the chain should be quality. I do outside the chain when they are flatter a belief that if you can not do quality links, then I prefer a good, a lot of site's ranking dropped because of spam links which led to numerous examples of ah, so a friend advised to read this experience lead that ring.

site's ranking is a long process, or else do not have to say the station perseverance. Always have a can do ranking whom adhere to the heart, but also have a superior execution, and only a combination of both, in order to make the web development and more, ranking higher and higher. Share here, this the fastest way from the http://huazhuangpin.5d6d.com stovepipe exclusive feeds, reproduced, please leave the link, thank you!

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