Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On site optimization SEO of several dangerous methods

recently on the forum or blog, the old people say that their site is a k or a site has been plucked. Now I want to punish your site search engine, there is definitely a reason, no reason to punish it does not a website. This time we will be well on their own analysis of the site, under the following feihe66 said several dangerous seo methods.

1, the title keyword stuffing

there are many sites to take this approach, this approach may be short-term to get a good ranking, but in the long run is very dangerous. Search engine did not find this situation when the time does not mean he would not find. Keyword stuffing is the right or down a few examples of a pile, the Internet can often see such a situation, so seoer do not adopt this approach.

2, within the chain optimization unreasonable

unreasonable main chain optimization within several situations, one is in the article a few different keyword anchor links, one is article within the chain too much, there is a lot of different keywords that point to the same link. These are unreasonable within the chain optimization, the best an article within the chain of control in three or so. In fact, within the chain is a science, to do within the chain optimization, need to learn many things.

3, outside the chain optimization unreasonable

outside the main chain optimization unreasonable situations, one is too many one-way link, one is outside the chain concentrated in a few several sites above, there is a software issue that is outside the chain, there are a lot of garbage outside the chain. Why these types is very dangerous it? One-way link too, I think many people understand, do not say. Concentrated in a few sites above is very dangerous because these sites if you have a Web site fails or title, then you will lose a lot of the chain, which is bound down the right, or k,. A lot of garbage outside the chain is very dangerous, and found by search engines, it will remove a lot of garbage outside the chain, resulting in a sharp decline in the chain, down the right light in weight k station.

4, the contents of a large number of repeat

many sites to be collected or reproduced, etc., to do the site's content, this will lead to a site with a lot of duplicate content, if found by search engines , is very dangerous, according to the feihe66 experience. Search engine started just before the repeat too much removed, which is a new website contains a lot of people, but no political reform included in the total reason, if you do not correct, the future will definitely stand down the right, or k, I a local community website www.wodecheng.com appeared in this situation, but fortunately I deal with in a timely manner, websites to most of the original, duplicate and delete a lot of posts. Now included in the basic amount is increasing.

feihe66 here to say these types of situations is dangerous, if corrected in time, then, there are still room for turning back. So seoer who often analyze your site to some of the data, from which some of the problems found in the site, and timely correction. And other search engines to find, you guessed correct, it will send a lot of time and energy on. This article reproduced from feihe66 Bo http://www.chenhequn.com/archives/263.html please indicate the copyright and source.

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