Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Share owners in the website domain name replace a few things must be done after

sites in our daily business process owners, and sometimes had to be replaced for some reason the domain name, that domain name owners, after the replacement site, but need to do? received from the network according to some information, and some do stand with my experience, the following five points summarize the personal advice:

1. 301 old and new domain name for the redirect, the weight of the old domain to new domain who reproduced!

Since the owners had to replace the domain name for some reason, so if the owners do not want this domain name and start again, re-Baidu included, the weight regain website, and then regain the top, then I suggest that in this Officials for webmasters in the wind exposed station after the domain name is the first thing to do do 301 old and new domain name re-set high, the weight of the old domain to new domain name of the body, so that we do not have to start again a new domain name. Of course, if your old domain name was pulled into the sandbox Baidu, or Baidu K was lost, it need not do the 301 redirect, 301 redirect but will also harm made to the new domain name.

2. To find a fixed time every day to update the site, make your site become a favorite of law Baidu website!

public knowledge of the attack, as opposed to some other country search engines, Baidu is better like a regular site updates, for those who insist on the website will be regularly updated to give a high weight on the reward. So, whether owners every day in order to enable Baidu to "eat" to the latest content, or to let visitors know the latest information the first time, our owners are very necessary to find a day fixed time to update the site, allowing sites to become the law of search engines like websites!

3. try to release some original content, thereby improving the overall site "quality"!

When a new domain name in the replacement site, and do a 301 redirect, in order to advance to the weight of the old domain to new domain name of the body, but also faster to get new domain names to make the weight or ranking site, we webmaster are necessary to point out every day to write between the original content, after all, the search engine for the promotion of the original, the original is the best means of optimization, but also to curry favor with the major search engine into the best means.

In addition, if the owners could not write what it is original content, then released when the content, not for its original content must be slightly modified, even if you just change a paragraph, content or the title will do this, anyway, only not identical with the original content on the line, or web site can easily be treated as Baidu garbage station, once the site is treated as refuse collection points, plus your domain name has changed, then the site will be very susceptible to Baidu's punishment, I think you website owners do not want to punish it by Baidu!

4. a lot more high-quality release outside the chain, or a similar site with high-quality exchange Links!

is the so-called "content is king, the chain is King", the owners want to rely on high-quality content to improve the new domain name to the relevant weight is not enough, in fact, we stand can also be granted a long time to write something up soft put into the major sites, or to the higher weight of the major sites or forums made under the chain, if not the domain name in order to consolidate the new weights, we have owners necessary to have sufficient quality or outside the chain link, do SEO optimization to facilitate future site basis.

However, I needed to remind owners to you is whether you are adding high-quality outside the chain, or similar sites with high-quality exchange links, must be a precondition, that is not Adding too much in a short time, for example, you add a hundred today outside the chain, or exchanging a dozen Friends of the chain, tomorrow is a chain outside the chain or do not do a friendly, added a day after dozens of a few friends outside the chain or chain, the result it is clear that not only can not help the site, but may also lead to major search engines penalize websites have been.

5. To maintain maximum stability of the site, can not modify the Site is best not to modify the site!

Mu data indicate that under a general domain owners after the replacement, there Anyway, some owners will hold the domain name have changed, do not change the point of what a difference this attitude, and thus to modify the site, in fact, this idea is very good with the practice, why do I say? The reason is simple, I am in this analogy, just as you have been punched, hit with dozens of boxing by others is the same? I do not think it, so do the sites is the same, not to say that domain names can be changed random changes to the site, if you can, or in the best owners the ability to ensure stable operation of the site.

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