Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Restore the SEO process: The Ins and Outs record included a site

A5 recently saw off a lot of projects on Taobao, also saw many owners to share, feel it is a very promising, there is competition, but flexibility is also very strong industry, so bought himself purchased the domain name and web hosting, Taobao started off my path. Several sites have been half a month now, and now has been ranked the best to the home, from the collection to the top, let me once again witnessed Baidu SEO techniques and characteristics of novice webmasters today and share the most recent record, want to see a site which would have included and what to rank.

to keep all aspects of sustainable and stable

the first site to ensure that all aspects of sustainable and stable, note that is sustained. This time I do Taobao customers, choose the key words are not difficult, the main purpose is to do small-scale test, see if it can get included and ranking, and get included and ranking will have after the transaction, in the end what factors can affect the turnover rate. Therefore, the stability is my prime consideration, I chose the Beijing room multi-line room, the domain name is foreign, but DNS is domestic, said China Unicom and Telecom easy to shield part of the DNS, on my website before eating because of this reason loss. So this must be sustained stability. If unstable, and contains about ranking does not make sense.

updated several original articles

update our website does not mean that we must rigidly stick to a grid, mainly to see you do as well as ease of keywords External links to resources you do. My words are not difficult to do, Baidu index of more than 100, more than half of the main domain name page, so no need to update much of the content. The first week of a total of seven days to update an article. Then the second week of a total update 2, and that two articles are the pictures, plus inside the ALT tag. However, when the first week submitted a search engine, Baidu, Google, soso, Sogou four, not one less.

fat spider as bait

third, many owners feel the most important step, that is to attract spiders to crawl our site. It can be said, the owners are more comfortable in the hands of the resources, I will not say any more, and we only talk about my own special skill, that is, write an article on soft paper, and then submission. By this way, after the matter, and the other projects go busy busy, forget about this thing. Then after two weeks, soft paper to write a submission. So the way to do external links. In addition, on the way to the Forum made a spider advertising area link, but also to lead the spider, a total of five less than it, then, is to forget this thing. Purpose is to be natural, can not show deliberate optimization.

view the log to make adjustments

final step is to see the data. The most important thing is web log. Through the web site logs can clearly see the spider to the total number of visits our web site, the total residence time, the average time to crawl the total time. So for us, I know that release did not play a role in the chain. Although some external links are also included, but if the link has not been calculated as if the spider will not climb up the site. This time we need to make adjustments, change of approach to continue. Until one day, you see through the webmaster tools you want results. This shows that we do play the effect.

experienced more than one step, probably more than 20 days you can see the effects. Effect is relatively new snapshot, a collection of relatively good rankings, and sometimes even into the home position. The domain names are all two of my domain names do, and these are the main domain name to the customer before the test URL, often changing content, it can be said is extremely unfriendly to search engines, also confirmed the beginning of this situation. Baidu is now very friendly to the new station, usually 2-3 days to see included, but my first time in almost 10 days before collection, the performance is very slow, the domain name if you have a very good weight, then I think the collection and will rank faster effective.

this article to summarize it here, hoping for help for novice owners, the above steps did not say that for sure, or have certain standards, which require specific according to their website situation, but also depend on your time is sufficient enough. http://himusic.5d6d.com feed, the future will continue to work with owners to share some of their own experience, reproduced, please keep the link, thank you!

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