Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Space is a good choice of the fundamental of all web site promotion optimization

ago, listening to a lot of people say that space and stability is very important, especially to promote their site space is not just looking for cheap or free space is unstable. Although the child is aware of this show. But overall, not really aware of the instability of space, so that you completely to collapse. Doing web promotion is more than a year. This is more than a year to the overall fairly smooth. What website did not appear to be K, or be down over the issue. So the space requirements no less stringent. Recently, the school made a website, and suddenly there is no data. Through the efforts of more than a month all the data gone. This really let me crash. From this profound thing I summed up the points.

First, make sure to optimize site selection independent IP space

talking about before the next show to explain what the child is the first independent IP space, independent IP Baike card is explained: the independent-IP virtual hosts, also known as independent IP space, also some people mistake as "an independent IP host." As the name suggests refers to a separate virtual host IP address (or web space). Common virtual host configuration independent as long as the IP address is the "independent-IP virtual hosts." From the above explanation we should be able to know the meaning of independent IP space bar. Traditional space and virtual host is an IP delegated a number of sites. So I would have a problem? For example, the IP under the penalty of a website or if Baidu is K, then the site will affect the same IP. Particularly optimized site to do a greater impact. Therefore, in order to avoid the sites affected, the general recommendation on a separate IP space.

Second, do optimized site, space must be stable

site optimization was done as long as people know, the site of space stability is very important. If your site 3 days 2 to open, then, regardless of experience level or from the user data for search engine spiders are very bad. In particular, if you are a new station on the line, it is Baidu will be extended to the new review period. My site is a real painful experience. Data leading to the site now gone. Change do not know what to do.

third, to find room for certain qualified service providers

cheaper than what can be accounted for. Do not for little money, so their early efforts to pay the water eastward. If you are a highly commercial website, you recommend to buy their own servers, or to go, to find the space industry more qualified suppliers. This can be done in the services in place, in addition to the problem, can be promptly resolved. This is stronger than a few hundred cheaper.

fourth, and he must be good data backup

space business to do this in addition to daily data backup, website optimization, as staff, but also understand the data backup. Otherwise, if the commercial side of space problems, it is conceding. I believe as others believe in themselves. Please what should be foolproof.

this incident, show the child learn from their mistakes. If you have children the same experience with the show, with the silence next. If you have not encountered such a thing a friend, I must not take the old road Oh!

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