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Analysis of the search site is the reason to punish, performance, and countermea

I believe both do seo or webmaster, or for, the website will be frequently encountered by the search engine right down or even K situation. In fact, this situation is normal, or even "not down right (K) is not a good webmaster webmaster." Some friends may not know how to judge their own site is not to be down the right. Today, let me join with you to explore the depth of the site was down the right why? Right down What? Down the right to post how do we respond? Let me 11 years.

one down the right site of the four performance

(1) the domain name in the search engine on the site, home page not the first, even in search results found. But this is not absolute, to analyze specific issues. If the site is a new station, then there is no need to worry too much, because your site may be due to the weight is not enough; but if the old station, then this happens we should pay special attention, and usually is a problem site , should arouse our attention; site out if no results, you can say for sure that the site is K.

(2) overall decline in keyword ranking keywords if there is a sudden large area of ??the site's overall decline, not just the main keywords down (if only the main keyword dropped, probably due to the search database engine problems, may be restored over time), but also a large number of long tail keywords is also very powerful decline, then you can say for sure that your site is down the right.

(3) outside the chain, and included a significant reduction believe that every search engine update, there will be a website or outside the chain of sharp decline, or collection of serious decline, and even the two are drastically reduced. If you encounter such a situation, the likelihood is 80% down the right search engines. The so-called significant decline is the decrease in the refers to more than a quarter or more, especially in terms of foreign chains, because sometimes may delete some of the search engines is not high quality articles and external links. If only a small part of the reduction, which may be in the integration of Internet search engine resources, delete the duplicate content, not necessarily down the right. Therefore, do not face down outside the chain of collection and thought it was on down the right.

(4) suddenly stops updating the snapshot, or a long time before update. If the site before the snapshot is normal, but suddenly stopped updating or updated once a long time, I believe that such a situation a lot of owners will encounter friends. If this happens, we will maintain the site carefully, and check the Web site optimization is not a problem, because this is the site was down the right sign. Typically, a snapshot of time be regarded as a normal 3-7 days.

Second, the website being punished Analysis

whenever your site after being punished, I believe webmasters will ask, why are they being punished ? In fact, a site will be punished even k are all the reasons, we need to do is find the reason, then solve the problem.

(1) server issues

site's server is the site of the hardware, but also the stability of key sites. If the server is unstable, every few days to open the page, not only the user will not like this site, search engines will not like it. Imagine if the sites are open also to talk about what to optimize it? Therefore, the stability of web server or web site optimization is the first element, is one of the main site is K, I'll eat the loss, hope a warning.

(2) site over-optimization

sometimes over-site search engine optimization will lead to penalties, over-optimization include: keyword stuffing, the chain is not the natural growth of in. We should note, website optimization can not be over-emphasis on short-term results, step by step.

(3) revision and revised website over too often

Website seo and disadvantages of beneficial, but if the revision of the intensity is too large, then the greater the likelihood of being punished . If the revision of the intensity is too large, then the subject of revision after the original theme of the site must have a large deviation, even be considered a new search engine site search engine which has been severely punished. In addition, the revision number is not too frequent, too frequent revision, the search engines eyes closed know your site is not a stable site, my site has been in the membrane family www.mfsj1908.com time since March 6-7 K frequent changes result in two months began to recover.

(4) of the chain outside the chain of instability leading to an imbalance

so-called imbalance is the site outside the chain exceeds the capacity of the site, in the early construction of our website time, often to rankings done a lot of external links, in fact, the early construction site, we do not need to do so much outside the chain, you can moderate.

(5) factors that link the site if you link to the website and there is even right down the phenomenon of K, is likely to be implicated in their own websites, we should always check their Links If the other side of the site there is a problem to be handled as soon as possible.

(6) If the site's web content issues is through the acquisition over the content, then turning the site search engine update will include a drop in the number of the phenomenon, even by K out. In addition, the site should be updated frequently, and have regular updates, must not be more than a dozen today, and then not update it updated.

(7) is more search engine algorithms search engine algorithms change if the change will cause a decline in the ranking of sites. Foreign chains such as, the high quality of the previous blog, has now been dropped a lot.

(8) with the server too much junk sites, search engines because a server site and the punishment excessive trash the entire server all sites.

Third, the website after being punished, things to do

website was down the right, the owners how they need to do to save our site. I summed up what several ways:

(1) correct attitude on the website after being punished, we need to do first is correct mentality, not because the site had to be punished from disarray, not to k up because they were lost faith, often, success is more than we insist on a step.

(2) cool-headed analysis, the cause of the disease.

(3) pay attention to the contents of the site's internal site links must be clearly understood that to keep the link open, try not to appear dead links broken links and therefore require frequent sites to see there are no dead links, any immediate correction.

website should be some high-quality article, not a lot of collection, it is best not to suspicion, if a site does not provide valuable information to users and content, search engines do not like your site. Site has a lot of high-quality content sites are down right

likely will be reduced.

(4) regular checks of links, see the link there is no problem, if a problem the first time in processing.

(5) a regular increase in the chain, especially in high-quality external links. On Baidu, the increase should be outside the chain regularity, and have a system, but also the best one-way link, and to focus on broad, not in the same type on the same site or do a lot of foreign chains.

(6) Do not reasonable in order to optimize optimize optimized, so that effect may be counterproductive. Do not accumulate words, in order to expand their crazy increase in the chain link. In other words, do not over-optimized.

(7) If you choose a good server because the server causes the site to be punished, it is recommended that you replace the server as soon as possible, otherwise the site will not have too many prospects. Who would not like to open, or is very slow to open the website.

In fact, the website being punished even k a is not terrible, as long as we come to the right reasons, with the correct method of correction, I believe that to restore the website soon.

family http://www.mfsj1908.com membrane first, please indicate the source.

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