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Website Optimization: "win-win" is a prerequisite for the search engine optimiza

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Website search engine support, so web site optimization has become an indispensable means of construction. Achieve high search engine ranking will be Internet companies based in the next, is the industry consensus. So there is to do search engine marketing, but also rely on technology to do SEO optimization. But no matter what point, the search engines are "win-win" in order to receive long-term development. However, in the actual optimization, how many sites can do this? Every day from the number of sites to be available down the right glimpse was evident.

one: the contents of win-win cooperation

search engine like the original for the simple reason that those who go to collect the contents of the collection will only increase the server burden, so to combat pseudo-original, a collection will be reasonable. But why not go for the owners to consider, simply our own interests, leading to the right site is down, K stations, as well as what made it? Said the content included slow, that the second review content repeatedly is, in fact, the search engines trust you is simple. It is not to try to do fool things away out of the collection, single-minded to do the content building, search engine and reach a "win-win", then search engines will give you the weight returns, although may not ensure how high ranking, then the site at least not to exist any resentment, leading to a lot of content generated by the right down phenomenon. Besides a high original site, if the continuity of the original, its weight and ranking in search engines can not necessarily bad. Owners without a good SEO techniques, engage in content creation might be a shortcut to get a high ranking.

II: outside the chain of mutual benefit cooperation

outside the chain is necessary to promote the site to the Internet channel, on the one hand allows the user easy access to relevant sites resources, the other outside the chain determines the number of sites in the search engine right to speak. In general, the higher the weight of the website, the number of its external chain is increasingly large. To obtain a variety of methods are outside the chain, but some owners are always holding on and hoping the psychological, sword easy road to take "lazy" type of promotion outside the chain, the normal order of destruction of the Internet. Others worked hard to promote the chain, inferior to those of you a few seconds outside the chain of promotion? Destruction of the normal order of Internet search engines will be subject to the well-known hit. The number of the chain to ensure quality assurance, giving search engines an honest link portal, then he will give you the sun.

three: a win-win structure of the page

visit the Web site search engine is the first point of access to the robots.txt file, the design must therefore rbotots.txt reasonable when, while increasing the map file for access to other search engines do not index the page before the fast. A convenient search engine to the door, he will give you efficient collection of privileges, although not very definitely, but at least the page is included to enhance the speed of a shortcut. Second, the reasonable layout navigation properly, do not mind spiders confusion, such as: multi-part random article, is a typical example. Although the article makes random calls to more search engines to access web pages, but too much will only call out the dazzling spider, find out the door, frightened spider. I recommend here, random articles or popular article, call, or should be reasonable. While increasing in the image alt tag page for easy search engine indexing, reduce call JS file, streamlining the page size. In fact, search engine optimization is very simple, if you are a user will judge what kind of vision of the merits of the site, then the same is true spiders.

four: a win-win keyword writing

website keywords more good, more or less take advantage of it? But now mainstream optimization case, basically control the number of keywords in the five or so most appropriate. Keyword write something more, the more greedy, but get less, will do fine and the number of keywords, each keyword will be assigned to more weight. Irrelevant to the long tail keyword throw, the main information you can tell the search engines. Use of keywords split word, group of words that match a more intelligent search engine keywords, making it easy to optimize the site to make accurate judgments of same height but without losing the site keyword optimization keyword writing, not only conducive to search engine keywords the basic rules, but also with the basic situation of the site reflects the mutual benefit of writing keyword or get more surprises.

in the website optimization process, some owners use some rain Ting Feng is improper practices, such as: wheel, station group, mass, etc. impede the proper implementation of the operating rules of search engine behavior and found no places can be detected if its once, then is brought disaster. Binary join network of professional website development company Pilot Technology (www.joyweb.net.cn) that: search engine optimization is very simple, the sense of doing everything, afraid to have it down right? Ebb Tide a little gold, stick to the end will not be out of the talent will be more.

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