Tuesday, November 15, 2011

FAQ: Why did not the original article ranked?

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origin statistics see someone searches for "Why did not the original article ranking" The phrase into the blog in the past, so he wrote this article did, to his friend or to Some novice friend to answer this question.

first parenthetic digression: Baidu last night had a small update, do not know why suddenly jump to a blog snapshot Sept. 9, prior to all snapshots every day or every other day, do not know time snapshot of how correction, no reason to find out.

Well, that is entered. Is "Why did not the original article ranking" mean? Have this new question, it is estimated to have some knowledge of SEO, but more one-sided. May often have heard, the site in order to improve the ranking must be a lot of originality, a lot outside the chain of getting better, so, on the misconception that a lot of original articles in order to have rankings. In fact, we are talking about the website to do more original articles, is a full stop in terms of the search engines really like the original content, the standard is the so-called original content of your site almost in the entire search engine can not find or non-existent. We advocate more original contents of the article this is in fact a time course of accumulation, is the site weight accumulation. Simply put, is the weight of the site has not been given a higher search engine, so your article is original even if it is difficult to get good rankings. If you say that your website has Jianzhan six months or a year or even longer, the article mostly original, then this time the weight of your website should be said that relatively high, as long as the article may have made a good ranking . Because you already have the weight of the entire station, the whole station has also been ranked.

another question, if you are more serious homogenization of the title, may not rank well. For example: a lot of SEO people to write positive articles about SEO on the lot, as you write an article entitled "What is anchor text, anchor text of the role", the title belongs to the homogenization of serious, weight is not in the case of higher than others, as your article is also ranked in the very rearward position, and even can not find. So, to all the owners here a little reminder: the naming title of the article is a skill, how to write a unique title is worth considering.

"original article is not ranked" Another factor is the layout of the article writing skills or keywords such as: the article content to remain closely associated with the title, consistency, not wrong of . Another issue is the article keyword density, density must be reasonable and not too thin, nor too much piling up, so to speak, wrote the day before yesterday, "haunted gas station," the article, obviously, "gas station haunted & rdquo ; is the main key words of this article, I looked around, about 1000 word article, words appeared 14 times, 14 times that in writing this article I try a lot of time into the layout, complete with daily writing experience, which does not consider the position in which the word inserted, the phenomenon is absolutely no keyword stuffing, do not believe you can read.

OK, the above description and examples, Qingdao SEO simply summed up as, there is no reason why the original article ranked site as a whole is simply the weight is not high, the article keyword density is not enough, the article title and article content relevant not result, of course, and then elaborate on the factors, there are many small, but these factors is dominant. Shared by the http://www.lady126.com original article, please indicate the source of the author, thank you.

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