Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Talk about building outside the chain of two core elements: the chain outside th

for a Web site, the more important outside the chain, not only to bring better ranking to the site also allows users to more easily find our site, but construction has been outside the chain of many owners feel a cumbersome task, but according to the survey data, for most owners, a day spent on the construction of the outer chain of more than a third, showing the construction of the chain itself is very time-consuming, but also a very important ! So a rapid increase in Web site outside the chain has become a lot of owners were very concerned about the topic, I also talk about their views, the majority of owners want to be able to help friends!

one: those outside the chain of channels, we can choose the criteria to select

many people encountered on the construction of the outer chain of a bottleneck, that is just released the chain, over a period of time, they disappeared, to do every day outside the chain, but have not seen every day outside the chain growth, so that the outer chain of channels, of course, not our first choice for the construction of the chain, the chain should be long before only there will be results!

In addition, although we can find a number of websites outside the chain, and will not be deleted, but the site itself is not included Baidu, or Baidu K has been lost, the chain posted to you such a platform, not only on the site without any help, or even affect your website in Baidu spider in the brownie points, so I chose to release the channel outside the chain, but also more attention to those outside the chain of exposure, that is, Baidu Spiders have not included this outside the chain, only a collection of these external links can give you the weight of the pass!

last is how the quality of the chain, then what kind of channels through the outer chain release quality of high? The quality level of the chain depends on what, in terms of the new station, as long as the chain has not been released to some K but was included in the website can be, for the weight of the site do not have too many requirements, and operating time for the sites, will have to release as much as possible to pr more than 3 sites, a lot a lot to do outside the chain of specialized agencies released, such as the A5 there is such a service, customize sites based on site quality distribution channels outside the chain, can In the short time which enhance the weight of the site!

two: how to release the chain can make your site get more benefits

for the construction of the chain, the master must release techniques, is help to improve the effect of the chain, such as Baidu spider according to the preferences and operational rules, according to the release of regular meals a day outside the chain, tend to be more included, and what is more likely to be included in the chain it ? Nature is the content of external links, and now many people like the forum on the site which, leaving their own web site, and with any content, such as the chain seems to be a possibility of exposure is very low, and the other the effect of weight transfer is very poor! So there is the content of external links, it is often more favored by the spider!

so many people through soft paper to publish outside the chain, and according to the Internet, the traditional method is certainly not outside the chain to meet the needs of modern people, by the construction of soft paper for the chain has become trend, after all, the content of soft paper is often easier to be included, and high exposure, the effect of weight transfer and more obvious, of course, outside the chain through the soft release, they should also pay attention to the content can not be single! Otherwise it makes Baidu spider offensive!

as the chain becomes more and more difficult to build, to seek professional building institutions outside the chain of cooperation has become a trend, of course, as long as the owners are usually concerned about the current fashion trends outside the chain of construction, to find innovative ways, or to help themselves build a large number of high-quality of the chain! Article source: mobile phone positioning www.sjdwb.com A5 first, please indicate, thank you!

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