Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baidu solution k station deal is On

as website optimization staff, see the most sad is that most sites are K, of course, is generally Baidu K out. Site is k, the ranking and search engine traffic Han did not, and all the hard work and efforts were in vain, the site was very confusing and uncomfortable K is one thing. Baidu is a character, its personality from Baidu algorithms are constantly changing, it is also known as Mother and Baidu degree (degree Mother to aunt, ventilation Baidu, Baidu is the webmasters a common occurrence). The couple recently Egg seo blog page was Baidu k, I prefer to believe this is a ventilation Baidu behavior, because K home page, inside pages or second income, long-tail traffic ranking does not drop. Even the last few points to be home after all K was released the next update, so even in the calm waiting, of course, a hint of melancholy. In fact, since the update since September 1, Baidu's site is no longer included to reduce the small number of big, there are many sites even blog the same phenomenon, then how to effectively prevent acts of Baidu station k does this?

Website Optimization is simply optimizing, content and links, so you want to avoid acts of Baidu k points from 3-pronged approach is necessary, couple seo blog on terms from 3 to We describe how to operate.

optimization level

optimization, including things really a lot. Web site software that is above the top of the thing, we come to talk about the hardware to do, to prevent the Home by K we will have a stable server, the best independent server, but the cost is too high. For many people choose the virtual host is very affordable, come to talk about over optimization of keywords, there are many owners in pursuit of a keyword ranking in Baidu will be dedicated to the optimization of the word, whether in station or external use of the word will be linked. This will make it easy to believe that we are cheating Baidu, Baidu and thus subject to punishment. Density caused by the same keyword stuffing too sure there will be K risk.

content level

is the so-called " Content is King ", the contents of our website is the main site, you can refer to the website Egg weight improved the content of articles. Baidu to crawl our site is, hence, not the content is definitely not hard to do useful work. The first thing we should do in the content relevance, that is our main thrust of the article to the site keywords, title. We can not go SEO optimized website to promote entertainment news article it published; Secondly, we must pay attention to the originality of the article that Baidu is the most focus, it was the original would be a big headache, what can only be authentic Baidu Welcome to the spider. It is also important, we need to improve the frequency and time content updates. This is a lot of people are likely to be ignored, when it bursts a lot of content whim, is not in the mood will leave it. This is not desirable, we should adhere to a certain frequency to update the content, but also insist on a fixed time to update, because it can better attract Baidu spider to come.

link level

link is our website a key factor in weight, so ask that webmaster shoes when in operation, must be stable, accurate and relentless, but also do not add a rapid and massive increase in the chain, it will suspect cheating, it is easy to incur penalties. In addition, the internal links on the website is to enhance the weight of great help, so the deployed station link is also very important thing, so you can effectively increase our website in the search engine scores. Natural phenomenon Baidu K station also moving away from us up.

In fact, I say, sometimes Baidu K Station deal is off, as the author of the blog, there is no cheating, hard read the original article, Baidu also been cut. This time webmasters must be calm, be sure to calm (KK more health), because when too much ventilation Baidu, K station within a few days back after numerous examples. I have had many similar experiences, of course, does not exclude those who refuse to be a permanent sites may be K stations, in fact, not a good site as webmaster heart is clearly a natural. Faced with this situation, practice balls outside the chain is to maintain and update the article, not a big change, optimize internal and do not go to war, to wait a few weeks. If that time has not been restored, then it shows there is indeed a taboo place, then last modified like details, see the other blog post Egg website ranking after down what to do. Baidu K station is not terrible, terrible K station is a series of acts by the couple ... ... article seo blog (http://www.maer1001.com) Egg owners provide, please indicate the source, brother in this thanked!

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