Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Do not attend to the new station: focus on the construction of the chain rather

we usually do when the station will focus on the construction of the external links, external links, after all, can increase the weight of the site. But for the new station is that this is not a wise choice, after all, the main task of the new station is not included with the ranking, but the content and building its own tail, because the increase in weight as the site, only a lot of content and the right long tail keywords can bring traffic, if only to do outside the chain and focus on the core word, then the site would lead to the development of a bottleneck. Below we analyze two aspects, and under his own ideas.

do recognize the ultimate goal of the chain

the ultimate goal of doing external links is to increase the weight of websites to get more traffic, but the content and flow of the carrier is the long tail . For new sites, expansion of pre-core is a lot of long tail content and mining. May at first site you will find very low weight, you want to have a good collection and the need to improve website rankings then the weight, so it must increase the number of external links. So began a large number of, professional development outside the chain, and in the process of building the chain, due to limited resources and technology, do external links are low quality, so not much help on the site , but also spent a lot of time, the other, to spend so much time remains the ultimate goal is to get more traffic, thus, a better approach is to not spend too much time to do outside the chain, but rather to focus energy release In the words of the selection, especially long-tail words in the selection. Below will tell you focus on the significance of doing so.

the importance of the early accumulation of words

less to do outside the pre-site chain, accumulating words (including long-tail words) is very important, is the site developed to a certain time to add the absolute . Why is not the focus of the new station building but outside the chain to do Keyword (especially long-tail) it? We are here to summarize the three most important reason, I hope to be inspired after reading:

First, keywords are digging a lot of work, it must be assigned to enough time to complete. We can imagine, any industry, any subdivision of the area, if you go to dig keywords, then we can tap into a lot of words. After all users to search arbitrary large, the number of users itself is massive. Thus, this work is very large, it is a meaningful, and challenging work.

second, long tail keywords can bring targeted traffic to the site, which is our goal. Website or to traffic in the final analysis, outside the chain is made for this purpose, there is no other traffic on the question. The long tail keywords is a bridge, a bridge link to the user and the website. Sometimes the core words is a relatively popular, but not necessarily form a guide. Many large web traffic statistics can be seen, there are more than 60% or more of the traffic from long tail terms, so the job becomes more important.

Third, a larger space to be tapped, is a steady stream of resources for long-term development sites, sustainability and strong. Web site development needs continuous flow, and if the focus on external links and the core of the word, then even with a good ranking, then to the flow is very limited, the site encountered a bottleneck. But the long tail different, it can tap a larger space, more sustainable long.

phase will see where we all understand, for many owners, do not worry if the new station outside the chain, it means you do not know of the long tail traffic thorough the core keywords are too rely on. In fact, the long tail is the site of the king, as the site develops, more and more users to know the site exists, then our own website will become a brand, that time, the core word and do it all the more external links of its capability, in terms of resources or contacts on. Feed: L-carnitine helpful http://www.leftcarnitine.com, reproduced, please retain the copyright, thank you!

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