Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Guarantee top 10 search engine optimization factors

SEO Company How to ensure that even the concept of search engine optimization client, should get in return other than a statement of work and some fancy report, the construction of any link in this month spent a few hours, and other bulk top 10 rankings, submit articles of other seemingly important search engine optimization tasks. The truth is always guaranteed SEO firm or the top 10 rankings or between two different camps. So why do some SEO companies provide a performance guarantee, and other SEO companies do not?

before the start of our investigation, we set some basic rules, of course, here, to make sure we compare at least three years in the business and a the customer's investment portfolio at least 2-3 dozen clients a year reputable SEO company. Oh, of course, we compare the SEO company has achieved decent rankings for their clients and their customers will not hesitate to recommend them to friends, business associates or family members. Now, we get in the way, these important benchmarks, let's look at what is SEO guarantee, sometimes very heated discussion, the heart around it.

this problem is very simple trust. SEO company in the hands of customers, do the best they can employ them to achieve first page ranking results of the trust. So, which company can be attributed to its sound and fancy graphics, customer case studies, identification, and search engine optimization organization's background and the Better Business Bureau badge members to sell their SEO services site more convincing. However, this is really how to do a competent SEO company is the difference then?

If the company can not convey enough trust in their site search engine optimization of a potential client, and they may close the stores, But sadly, even when a potential customer feel in their hearts there are some inherent error forking more money than non-service 'T have a tangible result, they are still signed on the dotted line. What a sad, but it is not the case. You have the right to know your hard-earned money to buy. So, here is to ensure that search engine optimization services can really make or break a deal from a reputable SEO company, but there is a SEO guarantee, not simply write a slogan to use on Web pages, and hope that visitors will listen to a few. These features, you should use the results of hiring SEO companies guarantee in writing.

from many previous search engine optimization clients get the reference, you can SEO company should give you a previous customer contact information, lots of fun and a lot of pride in the list. After all, they will be treated as their last client. The most important questions to ask previous customers is how long it took the SEO company to achieve results, they can hold that position long.

no front money. , You should not pay a dime to any type of installation costs or other stupid management costs. This requires experienced SEO does not exceed 1 hour, take out your site to conduct a thorough analysis, and create one for your suggestions. This cost should not come out of your pocket, so never for any type of on-site review prior to each payment.

to Google. Specific ranking, Google is still accounted for over 60% of the global search market, the king of online search, you should not accept the guarantee, including the reference in a contract any Yahoo or ice (MSN, Live). You should simply say you are only interested in Google's natural results.

independent verification of the rankings, the SEO company can always find what type of ranking will use the report generation tool. Check daily ranking and ranking history, must be ready to provide you.

guarantee the fulfillment of what constitutes an SEO? In other words, how many days in a month to do a ranking of the top 10 or top 5 ranking guarantee performance. For each calendar month a minimum of 15 days on-site requirements of the top 10 or top 5.

do not pay all of the search engine ranking optimization is achieved in the first month cost of the total cost of SEO once you agree, you should ask you to pay more than the minimum six months as long as the site still on the first page Google in the meantime. If the site from the first page of Google, more than 15 days before the month of decline, you should not pay one month forward rolling contract period.

ask them, their maintenance plan will cost you much, once they have achieved the top, the contract expires, be careful, if SEO companies want to charge you the same tax rate, charged in the first place get you on the first page of Google. Link building and optimization need to be substantially more expensive, you should get a decent break, the cost of SEO, if you choose to extend it.

what they plan to do for you on the first page Google. Transparency requires a very direct question, if it is not explained in their statement of work or contract has been, and what methods will be used to make you the top ten on Google. If you see in the contract is to optimize the web page content and some of the directory submission, it is most likely not get what you want. You want to see specific reference in the contract a permanent one-way link building, no rent, only permanent link. Ask them for their acquisition of other search engine optimization link client sample.

search engine optimization information can be very effective in increasing sales, regardless of your goals may be, but many times, in the SEO business decision-makers simply blindly accept the terms of the contract in front of them, because they do not know the questions they should ask. It is your duty to exercise due diligence and research as part of search engine optimization provider of choice when you get in return is to know your money, if not achieve the promised result, what is your choice.

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