Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Experience of blood: the domain name record cancellations and space lead to home

to two things have to chase plastic front, probably in late July, when the day up early in the morning look at the practice site and then update the contents of the volume statistics, a look open Baidu statistics, unexpected, makes sense of the The thing happened. I have shelves of traffic actually only 20 IP, usually one day more than one hundred IP, intuition tells me website certainly a major event, and then look at what traffic comes from search engines, Baidu traffic sources to zero. So I immediately check with the webmaster tools, the results we see the picture

(of course this picture today, when the hair did not think the article, so no reservations Today's lesson trying to tell the majority of this blood webmaster friends, so this piece Home by K to write down the things I hope to remind my friends to do SEO). This site has been normal and an old station, we found the dog from the values ??can be seen. Ranking is also stable up to do six months, and I use all white hat of the formal means, in a few days ago before I had to think of two things happened, domain names and space issues, because in addition to the two things I would not think of What factors will cause Baidu K out of my site's home page.

we all know that the domain name for the record is now more strict, especially many of the previous case was prepared by the Ministry of Industry canceled, my site has not survived, the day was supposed to immediately space to go abroad, because some of the busy something else, only then the next day onto the space on the last turn, did not expect to actually buy a waste of space, access speed is quite slow, often open, so that took another two days, it is not, wanted to find ways to get a space in Hong Kong, the better, and finally get things resolved, but three times annoyed two toss back Baidu, Baidu K of my home. And now two months or so in a situation, but also included stops up the daily limit, is not normal, by the pre-K 166 was reduced to 64 and further reduced to 22, today (September 25) was also 18, I judge Baidu released by K's Web site may be a quarter of a cycle, take a look at next month can not be restored.

I have an SEO Bo is the same site two years ago, together with the prepared rack case, it was canceled along with, but also for three days, is Baidu K becomes zero. I immediately changed the space, the problem is solved, Baidu had a day to recover. Ranking restored, but the station is currently the company is not yet recovered, the situation has not improved, in other search engines are normal, ranking is also very good, this is only Baidu, Baidu shows the site access speed and stability demanding in terms of how we do stand in the process must pay attention to the domain name will not be withdrawn for the record also procrastination, must be promptly transferred to a foreign space. Choice in the space but also to spend money to buy access to fast, preferably independent of IP.

writing so many little tired, and finally to sum up, the majority of owners in order to avoid friends and I make the same mistake, pay more attention to the record access information, otherwise I am today is your tomorrow, After each update the article open about home, to avoid some words are mask the emergence of open space provider home page, but space and domain name record these things are basic things, we must not lose in the above with you today. Share this site by K also do SEO is to tell the majority of friends, I use the blood in exchange for a lesson we must not repeat. I am not good at writing articles, these are issues for some of my web site analysis, personal opinions or bias, if you have better advice, please communicate with me! Article from Dongguan shelf http://www.dghuojia.org/Webmaster original submission, A5 starting, hope you can, please indicate the source, thank you!

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