Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Talking about how to handle the relationship between the site and spiders

believe that many people have studied the spiders, because the content of our site is to rely on spiders to crawl to take, available to search engines, if the spiders come crawling back when the finished site is full of grievances of our site, then I believe search engine on the site would not be a good impression, so generally we do a good research site will be spiders likes and dislikes, the right medicine to meet the spider. Let diligent spider crawling on our website, more than a few times, and more included in web pages to enhance rankings. So what likes and dislikes spiders do?

first is that spider preferences:

1, spiders like new things, soft paper and original articles are particularly desirable time every day, regular updates, or to several original A5, SEOWHY text on the hair weak, absolutely appetite for spiders.

2, although the spider is not on the work, but it will usually update the website according to your time, to determine what time you have new content site crawling away, so the site updates daily at the same time period as possible.

3, spiders like to crowded places, and to the very diligent, we all know, the weight of the high number of portals and forums are the second received a lot of content. Therefore, more in some high weight forum, blog, send multiple outer chain can increase the number of spiders to the site.

say that spiders hate what?

1, server instability hate spiders, spiders are generally crawl along the depth of the site structure, if the open a card a card web page, or suddenly can not access, and certainly not normal spiders crawling, direct out is normal. Dead links as well.

2, hate spiders too many levels of site structure, it will not come around, too long not respond directly when the search engine will move back, they can not crawling our site.

3, spiders do not like dynamic URL, the spider into an infinite loop may result.

4, do not like FLASH, JS code, because it basically does not recognize, can not crawl.

5, do not like to jump on these very sensitive.

6, hate need to be logged in to view the content of the site, because it does not register, so do not.

about these features of the spider, the spider sometimes feels a bit like illiteracy, it does not, it does not do, bad execution, but it is good we had to wait, in order to obtain good rankings and traffic, must wait on the emperor as the eunuch, as it likes, and sent its mouth, not like anything, just try not to.

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