Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Using SEO optimization companies to suppress negative news

now an era of fast information dissemination network as a special media, when our web site or expand the business, the firm brought a brand through the network, bringing the number of customers; but inevitable that we also suffer some negative effects, these negative messages we do not rule out the sale due to customer issues, but there are most of the competitors from the same industry malicious slander, because negative information release low-cost or no cost and anonymous nature, leading companies can not be held responsible. Yasumizu Shanghai today to talk about how clever seo seo tool to use to suppress negative news, enhance corporate reputation. Use of website optimization and website promotion means maintaining corporate reputation and increase their reputation deserves to be the most effective and most cost method.

first: we need to know the next general release of negative news channels, including negative news platform is nothing more than negative words in the search engine appears, enabling customers to search to determine the impact on customers; seen in the negative news on classified information ; published in various forums, etc.; then wait until the news came and then collected when its expansion.

Second: to suppress negative news include: 1 by optimizing the way: including the suppression of negative words positive words appear in the home, the need to better optimize the site, making some key words, including long Last words before the bit to achieve search engine, allowing customers to have preconceived impression. Another means of using reverse optimization, the negative keywords by search engines to optimize scheduled cheating or using unfair means so that the negative keywords are K. This will take some time, but the effect is more significant. Because the search engine is the first customer to find the source of the site.

2. By their own platform Baidu: Baidu platform, including Baidu, Baidu library, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu weight of its own brand is high, and Baidu's platform is also very high degree of concern. We can release some of the positive impact of the post or article, to attract the attention of customers. Baidu Knows and Baidu library are more authoritative, Baidu Post Bar should be more user groups, have a certain influence.

3. By way of promotion: the promotion of ways including the promotion of soft paper, forum or website in the major articles published in such manner as to third parties, will make customers feel more intimate. Blog, microblogging promotion, you can build some of the blog, batch release some of the positive business articles, you can also disseminate information on the microblogging company product or brand of good news. In addition to mass and classification group messaging forum is also very important, and these need to fill a lot of information. Now more effective addition to several things, including video promotion, video is very high due to its popularity, not only can bring a lot of traffic, the video site rankings in search engines is also very high.

last: no matter what way to suppress negative information, companies need to make their products and services to avoid at this stage other disputes caused by the other competitors' malicious slander against, in improving their own brand at the same time to go through legal channels to deal with. http://www.uterus120.com original owners.

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