Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Owners are doing outside the chain link with the three methods

Some forums do outside the chain can only be used when the text links, and some can use the hyperlink, there's simply not the strict point links can be put, as more humane A5, you can link with the signature. So we are doing is outside the chain will encounter when you can not do links and links to places to do it. Outside the chain by doing so we have several ways it? I share with you today just outside the chain when I was doing with the three methods can solve almost all of the forum, of course, we also use the method, but Jiehuaxianfo only.

first: plain text link

text link is only to put a web site, can not be called to bring the kind of hyperlink text link. If you can understand what is plain text, then the meaning of this link is well understood, in general, about the anti-Baidu DOMAIN mostly text-link chain, that is the meaning of the relevant domain. This is my understanding, I do not know do not agree. A little text link is that most of the forum have supported this link, such as your personal signature on the link and just put a plain text hyperlink hold, then the contents of this release will be more, because most of the forum have control over the output link, too many hyperlink forum will bring the weight dispersed, PR export is too high, making the forum the right to face down the danger, but the link is the link text, and not to export weights, so Many have set up this forum.

second: hyperlink

that I think most owners should be well understood its meaning. If you do not understand, then I here a brief introduction, the equivalent button on the hyperlink, as gently as long as the link anchor text with a little, it will open the corresponding website, which is hyperlinked brief . Hyperlink has the advantage that can lead him to the spider. When your site is too slow slow according to the update, then do more with hyperlinks can be outside the chain, I believe that will soon be crawling spiders to your site, which crawl the web content, and then update the snapshot, Take the Baidu Post Bar for instance, Baidu Post Bar is the resident spider to, because of its enormous traffic, there are many right in it. You can also paste the hyperlink to bring. Baidu Post Bar simply because the weight of extra high, so many owners are in it advertising, resulting in many children will soon find that it will remove the hyperlink, unless it is not ye those popular sub-busy bar. So, if we make the snapshot update, increase the quality of the chain, then paste it is the preferred destination.

third: the link plus site name

because some time ago a friend shared an experience, plus links to websites that build the chain name in the higher part of the outer chain, so Many webmasters are learning to follow suit and increase spend in this way outside the chain, such as http://www .***. com certain sites such examples. This method can be compared with the first plain text links are much better, although it can not do hyperlinks, but this method is equivalent to the link behind the note explained. Make it easier to know what this site is the link type of site, through this expression, even more so outside the chain of friendship. So, if you can not do the hyperlink, then the way to do this outside the chain is also a good choice, if these two will not work, then took the second choice would first text link friends!

do the methods used outside the chain is actually ranked hyperlink> link plus site name> plain text link, so when we do outside the chain, we must first see if you can make a hyperlink, if not then Link added on the choice of site name, but many of the places of words on the sign be limited, in that case, had to choose plain text link, because this thing did not leave until much. Well, this method on the chain wrote here, this shared network exclusive by the http://www.anystandards.com standard feed, reproduced, please leave a link for a rainy day, thank you!

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