Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why Web Site SEO Optimization How to optimize the home page

webmaster for the roots, the importance of site SEO optimization has been almost unanimous recognition site's ranking to the home, owners are often able to bring real profits, which is the number of website owners to join optimization the root causes of the tide, but the majority of owners have not considered friends to the site's home page appears in search engine What is the meaning in the end?

in Europe, America and other countries, the search engine has become a portal of Internet users , and in our country, search engine accounts for about Qi Cheng, and according to an authoritative survey shows that once the quality of Internet users increases, the frequency of using search engine will be higher, so in the future, our country will also closer to developed countries, the search engine will replace all those favorites, the role of website navigation, we can see, if the site is not indexed by search engines, it is almost a declaration of the death penalty website!

and large Most people looking for information, it is often only in the search engine search for relevant keywords, the page if there is a lot of words, and once these keywords on the home page or the first two had been users that meet their own demand, then the following websites or web pages is almost no chance of being opened, website ranking, the better we can see in front of their chances are greatly increased user clicks, and once enough exciting content of the site, it may make this Users become loyal users of your site! shows the significance of search results is very important, but more in the front rank, the greater will be its value!

So how can it be to the home site optimization ?

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