Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Single orders easily back hard: "good faith" threat Seoer way

Web2.0 corporate economic power led to the development of business-oriented, while ranking position search engine optimization has become the battlefield in full swing between competitive keyword rankings determine the life cycle of Web site, linked directly with the company's real economy. Thus, those who engage in electronic business enterprises, which do not own SEO engineers, SEO or hire someone to do? But the problem has cropped up. As the network virtualization, many SEOer orders easy, but because of various factors that lead to optimization of the site has never been able to achieve the target, customer back orders, direct shut out common occurrences.

is therefore mentioned in website optimization, even more companies to do more service fees to the optimization of the individual companies will not go, why not? SEOer way threatens personal integrity, and that this phenomenon up day by day highlights.

one: can not guarantee optimal time

binary once a customer's identity has done a few surveys, you can set the time to complete the optimization task it? SEOer more professional answer some of the search engine rules and because the degree of competition problems, leading to an unstable Web site ranking, optimization cycle may be different, but the duty cycle will be over too long a refund. But there are some SEOer afraid to fly off the list, then casually reached: to guarantee completion. Explore the search engine rules are not transparent, how do you ensure that in a given period of time to complete keyword ranking? Last flicker customers as a bait under a deposit, but our money, there has never been more optimal results list to go, how many true to the customer a refund it? this point, no longer exist in the industry a few, SEO industry integrity is worth worrying.

two: the lack of standard charge

seemingly has nothing to do with the issue of integrity, but it is precisely the basic integrity. Web site optimization cost? For this point in general position in the industry are not very clear, the lack of a uniform price characterization. As a keyword optimization for individual counseling, how much the price may be out thousands of customers to choose? Low prices may not be a liar, not lack of technology, the price may be high value in itself so much. It is because of the lack of keyword optimization on site standard charge, the more opportunity brought a lot of crooks, phony orders, and then fled to a few customers to chargeback? Over time, personal trust SEOer the problem worse on word of mouth the customer in mind.

three: service is no guarantee

signed a contract with the SEO optimization, the site's ranking to optimize the bit, the agreement will be "ranked cycle ", the general commitments of 365 days, ranking, fill out the rankings up until the 365 service. SEOer cooperation with individuals often lack the "contract", optimized to achieve the relevant bits and then it would be charged the full cost. Ranking maintained to say, but on the way once the site's ranking fall, when the rankings to find its complement, professional SEO services to do of course not a problem, after analyzing the problem to continue to do rankings. But there was part of the Road Running SEOer industry quality is really bad, refused to put off a lot of optimization, and finally refused to back mad. It is recommended to find SEOer orders, the RP should find out how SEOer decide whether to employ, but have said some really great to do SEOer service in the industry also has a broad influence.

Four: pseudo-experts not too much

SEOer now do many SEO services, search for a simple look around the "XXXSEO" can appear evident, at least in terms of each city have a dozens in the orders. However, if dealt with technology transfer really are so play it? SEOer own a few stations have a lot to do so-so, claiming SEOer technology more cattle, really powerful people are often relatively low-key list is endless. Many SEOer just technically too early fur, they fearless extensive orders, more importantly, for such a task can not be completed if SEOer rarely back orders. They do not care how online reputation, did not expect to do more reputation spread far and wide.

faith is an indispensable condition for building confidence between people, a man does not stand in the Internet the same way. Binary network marketing blog (http://i.zhihuiseo.com) that: SEOer orders, but it should improve the reputation of the establishment of personal integrity, in fact, orders in the optimization process, many customers are repeat customers to do single optimization, or recommended orders, if the lack of good faith, how can these contacts list it?

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