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Optimize keyword extraction

 The method of optimizing keyword selection aims to narrow the gap between me and my competitors.


The tool to be used is the Keyword Gap in SEMrush. The method used is actually very simple, just put my target address and the target address of competitors in the tool for search.

After a simple search, the tool will provide the ranking keyword difference results between us. These results mainly include keywords that both I and my competitors have, and keywords that my competitors have but I do not have.


What we need to focus on is the keywords that our competitors have but we don't. Usually, I would search for these "he has me not" keywords one by one in search engines and observe two points.

Firstly, whether the search results match the content of my webpage. If they match, there is a possibility of the next step. If they do not match, simply abandon the keyword. Secondly, looking at the level of competition in natural search results, if the competition is really fierce, there is no need to take the next step.

Basically, after this step of operation, we will filter out many keywords that are "he has me not". The next step is to see which specific page to throw these keywords into for layout.

If your website doesn't have much content and you are very familiar with your website content, you naturally know where each keyword is going. But once the content increases, the practical operation of this method will become very difficult, which means we need to think of some other methods.

The solution I am currently using is to look at similar results in the Google Webmaster tool. For example, if keyword A is very similar to a keyword on our webpage, I would consider placing that keyword A on this specific page. This operation method is similar to LSI, and it is not very troublesome to operate in practice.

Basically, after going through the above two steps, I know what the keywords for "he has what I don't have" are, and the general direction of these keywords. The next step is to add new content.

As for content updates, there is no way to share the system's process because it cannot be standardized, as there are still significant differences between articles. However, the method I often use is to insert a new paragraph into the article or add a new paragraph at the end of the article for the newly added keyword.


Identify the reasons for the decline in traffic

 The previous wave of algorithm updates has affected many people's websites to some extent. Reflected in traffic, it is a natural decline in search traffic, causing many users to doubt whether the website has been punished by search engines when they see a slight change in traffic. So today's article will briefly discuss how to identify the reasons for website traffic decline.

In fact, to understand the reasons for the decline in traffic, one basically needs to understand three questions. They are: which traffic channel experienced a decline in traffic, when did it occur, and what factors caused the decline in traffic.

First of all, which traffic channel has experienced a decline in traffic.

It should be noted that the source of website traffic is not limited to natural search traffic. Sometimes, direct access traffic, social media traffic, and other channels can all be important sources of website traffic. So finding a way to figure out which channel's traffic is declining is very, very important.

Basically, just look at the GA analysis software for this part of the data. There are detailed data reports presented inside, and we only need to look at the trend of data changes in each traffic channel. After reading it, we can have a rough idea of what is causing the decline in website traffic.

Let's take the decline in natural search traffic as an example and continue to explain the following two questions.

The second question is when website traffic will decline. You can quickly figure it out by looking at data analysis reports, as there is not much technical content involved. Another technical aspect is to understand what caused the traffic to decline at this point in time, which is the third question we need to discuss.

Generally speaking, the trend of natural search traffic mainly involves three points. They are the change in search volume for keywords, the indexing status of keywords, and the ranking of keywords

Firstly, the change in keyword search volume (i.e. keyword search trend) is an important reason for the change in website traffic. Imagine keyword A had an overall search volume of around 100000 last month, but this month it suddenly dropped to only around 10000. This situation will definitely lead to a decrease in website traffic, as the overall environment has deteriorated.

So if your website's traffic decline is due to this reason, then there is really no other way. After all, when we do SEO, we can only cater to the needs, not create them.

As for the indexing of keywords, that is, whether the page has dropped keywords. Because search engines are a dynamic and changing system, at some point in time, a previously indexed keyword may lose its inclusion and no longer participate in keyword ranking, which will naturally affect the overall natural search traffic.

So figure out how many keywords there are, and then optimize them accordingly.

The third point is that the ranking of keywords has decreased. For example, your content previously ranked first in the natural search results for keyword A, and this keyword can bring about 1000 natural search traffic per month. But this month, your content only ranks fifth in the natural search results for keyword A, so the search traffic brought by this keyword will naturally decrease significantly.

Find out how many such keywords there are, and then figure out the reasons for the ranking decline. Is it because your content is outdated, or because your competitors have surpassed you?

Basically, these data changes can be found in the Google Webmaster tool. If you have the habit of regularly collecting website data, these issues can be quickly identified and the cause can be located.

By the way, if you have screened all this information and still haven't found the reason for the decline in traffic, you may want to check the situation of other search engines.

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Owners of the grass-roots appeal: Let us deal with the right seo

2010 March, I came into contact with, knowledge and understanding of seo. Seo as a rookie, was not supposed to trespass, disgrace. However, this time with the company of seo, and he is personally feel that some things have never realized before. Also remember the original concept of reciting the seo: search engine optimization, search engine optimization, referred to seo. It is to follow the principles of search engine, the site structure, web sites written language and the interaction between rational planning and other diplomatic strategy deployed to improve the website performance in search engines, thus increasing the customer the possibility to discover and visit the such a process.

seo industry is very low barriers to entry, many seo theoretical knowledge may already overripe in the chest. But in fact, few people were able to ease the use of seo techniques. We often seoer claim, we used consistent with the individual owners for their own name, and dreams of one day becoming a real website ceo. But in this game of cat and mouse, who is the cat, who is the rat, who mind is clear. If we just to seo and seo, then we will always exhausted, always vulnerable to attack.

Therefore, we need to properly deal with seo, rational use of seo. Our aim is to enhance the site's traffic, but does not mean do anything. I see our large numbers seo is impetuous, and often see some webmaster forum where the replies, people feel awkward. Replies are not related with the theme of many, many Replies are "Thank you to share", "learning" and so on, are we really thank you to share and learn in it? Of course I not criticize our seo, I'm just this way to reflect on their own!

the saying goes, people's eyes are sharp, the site visitors are god. But how true retain visitors, is the site long-term survival. If we put forward a site, did not improve the contents of the first seo, even if there is access to, you can retain it? We see that many people engage in a spate of special waste site keyword deceive point traffic. In fact, I have been engaged in before, but after really been engaged in consciousness, traffic is not the yuan, it was just a moment to meet our vanity traffic, and nothing more!

Ma saw last night on the net Chamber of Commerce lecture video, very deep feelings. We seoer been followed Baidu turn, but turn now seoer are more confused. Always hear the voice of one after another: a collection of down, the chain less, ranking lost, the algorithm has changed ... ... To this end, we stood habitually abuse, hate and complain about Baidu. Ma said it is difficult to change the world, we can only change yourself. I said, Baidu is difficult to change, we can only change yourself.

let us sort out, the idea has long been doing seo. Give yourself a position to give their site a position. Site value of existence is to provide value. The face of our website user base, how do we provide good service, to improve the readability of web content and make the real character of their own? This is our seoer should always need to consider. We think the end result should not only landed in the rankings, ranking is that we should go to be considered, but not the priority. We do seo will sell themselves to make sense of the Internet this three-dimensional ball market, as long as the services we provide is intimate, like us, is the center of the sphere, any user to reach the closest distance is of.

Let us abandon the quick success, ranking as the king's mind, be treated in a proper sense of balance seo, survival and development of the site fueling. Our network marketing seo only a means, we just use this tool for marketing. If we take a good, helps a lot; passed, on the opposite, to no avail. Before, a lot of sites after the tragic scene by K, is not confirmed it has been very good?

together calmly think about, and today we seoer go do something about it? Perfect perfect site for further improvement services, to improve the quality of content increased further increase! optimization from the old thinking was to get out of concern for users, user-centric, for customer service! This is seoer make your site stand in numerous sites in the wise!

article by the Chengdu Special Exploration Network: original owners, reproduced sure to retain the link! welcome to my exchange (QQ254568783) greatly appreciated!

Do not attend to the new station: focus on the construction of the chain rather

we usually do when the station will focus on the construction of the external links, external links, after all, can increase the weight of the site. But for the new station is that this is not a wise choice, after all, the main task of the new station is not included with the ranking, but the content and building its own tail, because the increase in weight as the site, only a lot of content and the right long tail keywords can bring traffic, if only to do outside the chain and focus on the core word, then the site would lead to the development of a bottleneck. Below we analyze two aspects, and under his own ideas.

do recognize the ultimate goal of the chain

the ultimate goal of doing external links is to increase the weight of websites to get more traffic, but the content and flow of the carrier is the long tail . For new sites, expansion of pre-core is a lot of long tail content and mining. May at first site you will find very low weight, you want to have a good collection and the need to improve website rankings then the weight, so it must increase the number of external links. So began a large number of, professional development outside the chain, and in the process of building the chain, due to limited resources and technology, do external links are low quality, so not much help on the site , but also spent a lot of time, the other, to spend so much time remains the ultimate goal is to get more traffic, thus, a better approach is to not spend too much time to do outside the chain, but rather to focus energy release In the words of the selection, especially long-tail words in the selection. Below will tell you focus on the significance of doing so.

the importance of the early accumulation of words

less to do outside the pre-site chain, accumulating words (including long-tail words) is very important, is the site developed to a certain time to add the absolute . Why is not the focus of the new station building but outside the chain to do Keyword (especially long-tail) it? We are here to summarize the three most important reason, I hope to be inspired after reading:

First, keywords are digging a lot of work, it must be assigned to enough time to complete. We can imagine, any industry, any subdivision of the area, if you go to dig keywords, then we can tap into a lot of words. After all users to search arbitrary large, the number of users itself is massive. Thus, this work is very large, it is a meaningful, and challenging work.

second, long tail keywords can bring targeted traffic to the site, which is our goal. Website or to traffic in the final analysis, outside the chain is made for this purpose, there is no other traffic on the question. The long tail keywords is a bridge, a bridge link to the user and the website. Sometimes the core words is a relatively popular, but not necessarily form a guide. Many large web traffic statistics can be seen, there are more than 60% or more of the traffic from long tail terms, so the job becomes more important.

Third, a larger space to be tapped, is a steady stream of resources for long-term development sites, sustainability and strong. Web site development needs continuous flow, and if the focus on external links and the core of the word, then even with a good ranking, then to the flow is very limited, the site encountered a bottleneck. But the long tail different, it can tap a larger space, more sustainable long.

phase will see where we all understand, for many owners, do not worry if the new station outside the chain, it means you do not know of the long tail traffic thorough the core keywords are too rely on. In fact, the long tail is the site of the king, as the site develops, more and more users to know the site exists, then our own website will become a brand, that time, the core word and do it all the more external links of its capability, in terms of resources or contacts on. Feed: L-carnitine helpful, reproduced, please retain the copyright, thank you!

Website Snapshot correction of common causes and solutions analysis

we all know, the site is a snapshot of the way to determine the weight of one web site, Baidu is the analysis of our website is a key factor in the degree of attention one, but I found many friends, including the author's Web site often occur snapshot correction of the problem , a snapshot shows the correction to those issues? we should improve those aspects of the weight to ensure that our web site updated daily snapshot? Here the writer's own Web site operators to optimize the process of correction on a snapshot of a few causes and solutions methods and techniques to share with everyone. Well, we continued into today's gossip short subject. I will be a snapshot summary of reasons why correction the following points, then 11 for analysis.

First, the server element. This is a snapshot of correction of a non-technical factors, but for a snapshot of the impact site is very critical factor, because the server will be a direct result of factors that cause failure of our site visits, thus affecting the user experience, greatly increasing the website bounce rate, if the spider at this time will no doubt come to our website directly on our website's performance on search engines play a very significant negative effect. Therefore, I propose a snapshot of the site when the correction occurs, we first have to observe the Web site logs, view logs to see if the return code 404, and so the relevant code, if the error code, certainly one that we website time there have been unable to access the situation, we do not have to worry for the situation to ensure that the site visit the first normal, then continue to do our thing, waiting for Baidu, and Baidu spider visit again the next update you can pull off the problem.

Second, the site content quality. The quality of site content not only affect the weight of our website and search engines on the performance, but also a snapshot of the factors affecting one of our web site, quality of content for the site under the site will be included on the Baidu first performance of the abnormal Obviously, the specific amount of delay is included or not included increased significantly diminished, performance is the site further down the right, a snapshot of a snapshot does not update and correction, and so a series of questions followed. Encountered such a situation was first attitude and adjust the quality of your site's articles can be appropriate to reduce the number of updates, but the contents of the article should never be shoddy, as far as high-quality original content site updates. Gradually with fresh quality content to attract spiders, and gradually improve our website in Baidu weight, insist on doing repeat, a snapshot of our website and will slowly raise the weight up.

Third, the site links to external influence. First of all, including low-quality sites external links, such as a large number of forum signature, blog comments etc. These low-quality outreach to a certain extent, when it will greatly reduce the search engines on the weight, the most direct impact is the site down right away and keyword ranking, a snapshot of the back is naturally self-evident and, secondly, website Link to the snapshot of the impact is not to be underestimated, and the longest is the Link to see the site was down the right or by Baidu K out, or cause access conditions, which are affecting our website snapshot back the reason why. When your website suddenly appeared one day snapshot of correction, we carefully check the Web site Links to see whether they are due Links implicated. And then reflect on the quality of outreach under the recent circumstances, those platforms are doing their own outreach, and recently have done a lot of low-quality connections, and so on. If these adverse actions, please remove as soon as possible, remove those who are open down the right by K, friendship connections and so on.

Fourth, the site title changes. Web site title is the most important place, most likely caused by the search engine down the right place, where I remind everyone on the site and building as much as possible not to change after the website title, modify the title of the most direct impact is the site disappearing site was ranked down the right, ranging from a snapshot of correction and lead to a site within a period of time would delay his snapshot of how the operation is not updated. So I remind a lot of novice friends, when in the establishment of the station will consider this carefully in order to avoid this problem because the snapshot site correction or even down the right, such a result is no one wants to see, is very worth the candle.

In summary, I will own a snapshot of the website optimization process correction of the common causes and solutions and we share a little detail, I hope, serve. Well, today I will share with you to the side, seo seo more practical communication strategies Welcome to QQ group: 54641201 discussion, this article from the original first internal network security Admin5 welcome reproduced, Please keep the website source, thank you.

FAQ: Why did not the original article ranked?

accessed from the blog last night

origin statistics see someone searches for "Why did not the original article ranking" The phrase into the blog in the past, so he wrote this article did, to his friend or to Some novice friend to answer this question.

first parenthetic digression: Baidu last night had a small update, do not know why suddenly jump to a blog snapshot Sept. 9, prior to all snapshots every day or every other day, do not know time snapshot of how correction, no reason to find out.

Well, that is entered. Is "Why did not the original article ranking" mean? Have this new question, it is estimated to have some knowledge of SEO, but more one-sided. May often have heard, the site in order to improve the ranking must be a lot of originality, a lot outside the chain of getting better, so, on the misconception that a lot of original articles in order to have rankings. In fact, we are talking about the website to do more original articles, is a full stop in terms of the search engines really like the original content, the standard is the so-called original content of your site almost in the entire search engine can not find or non-existent. We advocate more original contents of the article this is in fact a time course of accumulation, is the site weight accumulation. Simply put, is the weight of the site has not been given a higher search engine, so your article is original even if it is difficult to get good rankings. If you say that your website has Jianzhan six months or a year or even longer, the article mostly original, then this time the weight of your website should be said that relatively high, as long as the article may have made a good ranking . Because you already have the weight of the entire station, the whole station has also been ranked.

another question, if you are more serious homogenization of the title, may not rank well. For example: a lot of SEO people to write positive articles about SEO on the lot, as you write an article entitled "What is anchor text, anchor text of the role", the title belongs to the homogenization of serious, weight is not in the case of higher than others, as your article is also ranked in the very rearward position, and even can not find. So, to all the owners here a little reminder: the naming title of the article is a skill, how to write a unique title is worth considering.

"original article is not ranked" Another factor is the layout of the article writing skills or keywords such as: the article content to remain closely associated with the title, consistency, not wrong of . Another issue is the article keyword density, density must be reasonable and not too thin, nor too much piling up, so to speak, wrote the day before yesterday, "haunted gas station," the article, obviously, "gas station haunted & rdquo ; is the main key words of this article, I looked around, about 1000 word article, words appeared 14 times, 14 times that in writing this article I try a lot of time into the layout, complete with daily writing experience, which does not consider the position in which the word inserted, the phenomenon is absolutely no keyword stuffing, do not believe you can read.

OK, the above description and examples, Qingdao SEO simply summed up as, there is no reason why the original article ranked site as a whole is simply the weight is not high, the article keyword density is not enough, the article title and article content relevant not result, of course, and then elaborate on the factors, there are many small, but these factors is dominant. Shared by the original article, please indicate the source of the author, thank you.

SEO data analysis using the three stages of the project results driven SEO

the basis of successful SEO is one of the project can use the data to control the results. I like the data analysis process is divided into three main stages:

1. Results report

2. Opportunity analysis

3. Priority

This article will elaborate on these three stages, which data is that we should consider? our behavior is what will influence the outcome of?

first stage: results of the report

report on the outcome of the goal is twofold.

seo identification of key performance indicators is mapped to the target. The most basic activities will receive annual interest, brand and non brand traffic is long tail exact match to bring the traffic flow and determined. In addition, the usual practice is to traffic and conversion rates and revenue combined. This will show you a good SEO performance.

if possible, quickly found in the rankings and traffic of the major errors and to take prompt and effective measures. Of course, if these changes are caused by the search engine algorithm changes or competitive reasons for the increase caused by, you should immediately limit its impact on the results. But usually these changes are due to site changes (in many cases, these changes are unintentional). Reporting on results like these reports to monitor the monitor the same.

Phase II: Opportunity Analysis

in an SEO project, we should make full use of data to identify the players head out to those in the optimization process of the potential opportunities. There are seven major categories of opportunity is our most commonly found:

1, the identification of new keywords

new keywords have the ability to bring significant revenue

new long-tail keywords pointing to the current target keyword

2, a key consideration page

which keywords/pages in the top 20 but not in the first three

and brand-related keyword search ranking is not the first 3

3, online opportunity

meta-data page/content does not optimize the target keyword

previous page optimization need to re-processing

duplicate content, page titles and meta data

need to add some additional content to the site

4 , internal links

existing links, anchor text keywords more

potential changes in the global navigation

5, the station range of opportunities ( technical problems)

return code is 404 pages link issues to be considered

cancel 302 redirect

6, performance

high Bounce Rate

geolocation performance

click on the most efficient path

7, external links opportunities

new potential Contact

better link utilization and integration of existing relationships

of course, not all of the above, but these are the most common.

third stage: Priority

in any SEO campaign, there are many things to do, no doubt the time and resources available is not enough. One of the biggest challenges is to those who are most likely the best return on investment optimization points to upgrade their priority. In order to achieve a reasonable priority, we can in turn consider the following factors:

based search for potential additional traffic opportunities

current conversion rate, the potential opportunities

the time required to obtain opportunities

opportunity to achieve practical

As we found in the second paragraph, divided by the standard model to get a chance, you The third stage will be able to make better decisions. If you can we forecast in the third paragraph of the four factors do better, you will be more successful SEO campaign.

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