Tuesday, November 15, 2011

5 ways to teach you to do website SEO optimization

Hello, everyone, I was plump net mall editing, the recent adjustment of the search engine rankings have often resulted in many points down, the most famous is Liwei sink is K and the opportunity to host the wolf rain, but ultimately for the SEO different level of understanding. The so-called SEO that is search engine rankings by technology, the site SEO optimized to improve your site ranking in search engines, following small site to share with you how SEO optimization.

one: keyword selection

website operators to promote the image of words is the best endorsement, when you have a few good keywords ranking to the Baidu home page, your name on behalf of more than a few choices for the user, but the choice of keywords, and there are several important key to finalize. 1, keyword finalized, the customer's perspective to select your keywords, be relevant, or refer to similar sites competing small and practical words, do not use popular keywords. 2, keyword density, it is a way to measure the ratio of the sum of the page with other text, use a percentage. The higher the keywords appear on the same page, the greater the density, single-page keyword density of between 2% -8% in the most appropriate. 3, the distribution of words, words are generally in navigation, articles, links, url, tag appears. More than three titles cloth as well.

II: Site original content

Many owners of new station on the line outside the chain of fierce meal mad hair, with the search engine algorithms constantly updated by the chain to improve many previous Almost all sites have ranked the top drop, it really still need the original articles, and other sites through a transitional period, relative to the station for a week, 2-3 original articles on the line, attract spiders often patronize.

three: the anti-chain with the Friends of the chain

Many people confuse anti-chain chain of a talk with friends, such as A link to a site B, and B sites did not point A, which B is the import of backlinks. The Friends of the B chain is the A site with text or image link to each other, each set up a hyperlink to other sites, that is, with the same general nature, such as industry, network with industry networks, with mall mall, portals with Portal, only the content relevant, off than their high PR value, then the value of the site will be integrated into the Google PR update when there is a satisfactory answer, but keep in mind with the medicine or farming, or even link to each other JS liar.

Four: within the chain of fluent

sites within the chain, although confined to the house, it is not true, it can be applied flexibly, the usual approach is to link page A to B page, he only Ne allows the user to want to go into the page, and the weight will have a PV with a corresponding increase.

five: high-quality external links

above said, and now the number of search engines do not like many of the chain, but the preference for high-quality outside the chain, usually a high quality of the chain will also give users a good impression, if a certain blog with the forum plus fine, then a lot of love and will be reproduced. Outside the chain there are three common approach is to blog + forum + soft, and the general election blog Sina, Sohu, Netease, the Forum may refer to SEO, laggards, pushing a soft paper that is the best submission to the current text of the old soft- Big Brother A5 network. Because such sites are occupied in the search engines very authoritative position, we made relatively easy work included.

fact, there are a lot of knowledge of SEO can do, such as Q, encyclopedia, submit directory, etc., due to time a small series in this small example, and finally re-affirm it: the original network by the plump Mall http://www.gggdd.com/edit original submission, reproduced, please describe the source, thank you, trouble understanding the hard work of a webmaster, thank you!


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