Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New station on the line incurs lower right causes and solutions

new station just down right on the line incurs such a situation is not without, but a few, especially the right of the individual sites are down even more common, according to close friends, I have investigated know, basically every one of them more or less come across this problem. Faced with the new station just down the search engine on the line incurs the right to handle the reality of webmasters how should I do?

First of all: how to determine the new site has been down the right

new website is down right difficult to judge than the old site, because the new station on the line would have the weight is not high, how do we judge by some of the clues to our website to be search engine for a special deal with it?

1, a snapshot - a snapshot through the home page to determine if the new station is generally normal, the worst home snapshot will be updated weekly small changes in time, if a week has not changed, we will careful observation is not a problem, if no changes for several weeks, it is almost certain is a problem.

2, included - the new station on the line will generally be included in the first page, and the content of the law contains no general, but if one to two weeks of class, or a content page is not to be received , then there is a problem.

3, site and domain - site + site to determine whether a site is down right or a good reference, if the home is not the first, it can determine the basic site has been down the right, based on how much is down, you can home in the first few rows of speculation about; domain + site to determine whether a site is down the right, the Internet has been controversial, and some people say do not look at this, some people are very concerned with this, I think domain + site in the search results or very important, especially in the site + site's search results page is not the first time, you can search through the domain + site results confirm whether the site was down the right, is how serious drop.

how to solve the new station is right down the problem

new station is right down the main reasons is nothing less than: server stability (which is also a lot of website was down the right of the main reasons), were included on the line is frequently done after a lot of adjustments, the site is on the line, can not wait to spread a lot of garbage outside the large chains, and other site content is too much repetition. Since we know the reason, then it would be much easier to solve.

1, if a server problem, it is more simple, or find a business address space, or on the exchange server.

2, if it is frequently done according to the change, the only way is to determine a final version, insists that the chain + content and strive to obtain the trust of it.

3, if it is outside the chain according to the garbage, I think it is a temporary solution to stop the chain of distribution, to the chain with high quality to replace the high number of external links.

4, if it is repeated too many photos into the website content, the correct approach is to stop adding duplicate content like never before to delete the contents increases. To add original content or pseudo-original content, as long as a good grasp of the original, the amount of pseudo-original, duplicate content can still appropriate to include some of the.

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