Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How do search engines trust your site fast

a, website content updates

now search engines have not before, the site content is not updated or rarely updated, if the site does not have enough support outside the chain, would like to have a good ranking is impossible, and Jianzhan stage, we only work hard in the site content, according to my experience, regular updates are very important, not necessarily in the morning, not necessarily in the middle of the night to update the content regularly is the best the way.

Second, ensure that there is some original content

every day that the original site itself more than a lot of good, but several people to insist on doing this? We can not guarantee that all original , but there must be, otherwise your site itself is user friendly, right? every few days to do original content for the site is very useful in the initial stage, this will increase the search engine on the web of trust scores, even if is also copied to the changes a little bit, that is, the so-called pseudo-originality.

Third, the chain

a very old topic, but are indispensable for the site, a good web site, or the user that a good web site, there must be some other sites pointing to this site, and for search engines, this is a good measure. Of course, paid links is not the scope of this article within. Outside the chain so nothing more than to find some common ways to exchange links, soft, forum blog, if you have ideas, or develop some application, then the chain becomes much simpler.

Fourth, the web space

establishment of the station when I started, but also cheaper plans, always buy some inexpensive space, then experience tells me, no good goods cheaper for the site is negative, the site's search engine problems often do not like, if it is a new station, it would be fatal, and only increase the search engine on your distrust scores. So, if you can, have to buy a stable space, the budget is sufficient to buy the best server, independent ip. Although not a determining factor, but standing on the search engine point of view, has increased the trust of your site.

five, on the site title changes

move some say no site title, will be changed down the right, this argument has some truth, some people because it was punished, in my opinion, can be changed, but not frequent, website planning website give a good initial position, to make a long-term plans, rather than see some of the keyword search volume up, and the immediate changes to site content or title. There is little, the high weight of the website, change title to be much smaller chance of being punished, not recommended to modify the new station, over the trust period, to do fine-tuning is possible.

above points are some personal ideas and experience, this game first page ranking: http://www.2763.net. Reproduced, please indicate the source, thank you!

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