Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Talk about the process of buying outside the chain to pay attention to what

External links

I believe we must be very familiar with this term, because novice open site first thing to do after this, and many articles have been introduced outside the chain of purchase on the issue, although most novice owners are read , and it not even once, they still do not understand, some people will want to know about the chain has no skills or way ah? In fact, this is a science, so today we talk about buying up outside on a chain.

Although the growth of the chain there are many ways, but we use is the major forum of several websites posted a message or a direct purchase outside the chain addition is free outside the chain of friendship. Of course there are other ways, for example, to the major search engines to answer questions, or to post to message, reply and so on. But now the rules change Baidu, posting messages to the effects of these methods play a significant shrinkage, and add the chain becomes very difficult, if there is link postings will be disposed of as advertising, message if the points come later Baidu did not come and indexed, the equivalent of no use.

for novice owners, the Friends of the chain to do a bit unlikely, because no one is willing to do a new web site link, so I think not as a direct purchase outside the chain of effective, many people will not willing to, but has invested so much you may wish to re-enter that ultimate goal is to earn back the capital to your website. There are a lot of people crying to tell of the chain is too expensive, can not afford, in fact, the chain is not expensive, most people are sold by some external links to websites fooled. You cry in the chain can not afford a lot of owners do not know when you are wondering why the price is so low, or no one to buy it. I Again, direct purchase outside the chain more practical.

for individual sites, the establishment of a new station after the initial promotion is not so difficult to imagine so, because after all we do is not that big portal, just send a few links, and then to be included, followed by promotion, the final profit. In fact, the link to buy your silver star investment, buying a can, and assumption do not buy the case, careful promotion, then do the links, this effect is the same. If you choose to buy, is also good, but and investment, it requires caution. Recommended for novice too long not to buy high quality links to the weight, so it will be counterproductive, for the simple reason is the assumption that you use good links binding on your website, but only bought a month, and that consequence is down right Baidu This why it?

not use high quality outside the chain of circumstances, he did not expensive price, home price also links between 5 to 20, all stations the slightly more expensive, and in this reminder, no matter what you use the link, should not be placed all at once, it will too much for one day put a few completely enough.

site's content is your best original, absolutely healthy, so that search engines will like, put a little bit to buy a few outside the main chain is to be able to quickly Baidu included. If you buy a template search engines do not like to stand or acquisition, then it might as well not buy as well. So just buy a little, so that you feel the call of the search engines, you must give him a unique appeal to gradually like you, even you can be sticky.

Finally, we say that when you choose to pay attention to what link, if you are a new station, personally think that the PR 3 and PR 4 on it. Then use your eye closer look at how long the life of these sites, the frequency of snapshots updated Baidu, Baidu, Google's high volume, etc., according to the needs of your own choice. If you want to include too fast, to find those updated daily, contains sites,

desired weight, then, to find those who can more included, more quick update of the old station, but also pay attention to is the purchase of quantity is not necessarily like.

easy to build websites, business website is not an easy task, not only our mental need to be physical, but also flexible and adhere to the combination of a foundation, like the purchase of necessary inputs are outside the chain, although a bit costly, but can give us practical boosting effect, so that our website more confident, more motivated. A5 starter, reproduced reserved by Jiangyin Recruitment network link, job.jyyuan.com, thank you.

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