Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On the site down the right to modify the title 45 days after the recovery proces

lead down the right site for many reasons, but to find sites down and to restore it to the right of reason is a more difficult, than a month before his own Web site also experienced a storm down the right of Baidu, the original Snapshots are promptly updated website, keyword ranking is also good, although the station is about a year, but there is a certain weight, a collection of very fast speed. But not long happy, suddenly found that the site snapshot back a lot, had a snapshot is August 7, and suddenly on July 22, keyword ranking disappeared without a trace.

to see if a website is actually normal, we can not only see a snapshot of the site, included, keyword rankings, etc. can also be used to query domain and site name, website domain ordinary right down their own websites Enter the domain name or site name directly if Baidu does not appear in the first, then you can determine the Web site or the weight is low down the right.

45 days at this time, every day stop at the observation site recovery, and today I finally saw the results, the site was finally restored the weight, and keyword ranking largely restored the previous rankings, a full half of the recovery process, in fact, that it is still very long and difficult, not only in content and outside the chain added a lot to go on, but also the title of the site was a small change.

site down the right to modify the title if things will get worse? This is an issue that many owners have been considered; my site down right depressing at the same time after the key words from the new site simply it changed a bit, because the previous not a good feeling to write the title, descending the right to want to re-included, revised in the major webmaster forums and paste it post, my website http://www .***. com down the right, to modify the title is will be k it? some owners think that as long as good to optimize, about a month or so will be able to recover, and some owners think that it is not desirable, the site is simply worse. The status of recovery from the Web site point of view, I think will help make the site a few aspects of weight recovery.

first is to find the source to the site down the right, in general, Baidu will not be a good site for no reason down the right, down the right for my site, I summed up that is outside the scope of chain release too small to lead to, because I mainly soft paper-based release, outside the chain of this construction is relatively fast growth in the number, the number of year's time outside the chain has reached more than 50,000, perhaps because Baidu algorithm changes, the chain more than halved because of the soft release is reproduced in the text very large number, and what kind of site will be reproduced, analysis of a number of sites found to be outside the chain PW, 00xx website reproduced, reprinted many soft paper, are very high repetition rate Therefore Baidu to remove duplicate article is also normal, with those walking a fine line of site effects, the site is likely to drop right!

outside the chain for this piece so I stepped up the construction of the breadth , forums, blog, quizzes, categories, all live, and only occasionally made soft hair, and for the content of this piece began to take more, and is not casually get away with things that go in the article, the article is now a serious effort to write their own one, did not do a hundred percent original, but it was enough to place at least pseudo-original, the insistence on such a half down, and finally allowed me to see the results you want.

for the site can go down the right to modify the site title, or modify the weight of the title to recover it? Personally think that this is not an absolute problem, modify the title key is to look after their own measures and remedies, If you modify the title, you put that Baidu and other recovery that is unlikely to do, need to look down the right reasons, stick to their plans will make your site back to life. I travel articles by the original network http://www.51t.com/, A5 starter, reproduced the article stated the source, thank you.

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