Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SEO website optimization for novice Suggestions

I do not know how long intermittent intervals are not serious calm down some of the heart come and describe some of their own experience, the last is not clear when the article is published online, was when, they are completely obsessed with the optimization of the site research, then, my daily updates of technology, Zhengzhou KAP Internet website blog, as if feeling whether it is life or work, and the instant of time all things are optimized for SEO.

recent online chat with friends, said very little, did not exchange more than before, some busy with work tasks, some are eager to make money, but rather the microblogging all the extra communication.

the day before yesterday, and friends in the chat on the Internet about a current situation, we all agree with (friends who are interested can also add my QQ chat: 123 775 108), from graduate to specialize in IT this industry, has been a long four years, during which we witnessed the most rapid development of the Internet time, Baidu's development to the overall change, the expansion of the late Tencent competition, Alibaba and Taobao Mall of rapid development, to the many buy nets and B2C mall's late show, in between, industry search, there are even communication, but also commercial and business electricity transactions from the previous forum to the SNS, to the current hot microblogging crowd, just a few years , and again a new feeling for trends and lifestyle as recently as Kai-fu Lee to the terms of the Davos Forum, 100 years before the era needs to change, and now, a little there will be a three-year change in new change, for what, to do better, to do longer, or for the dream of our hearts.

the Internet, not the ones devour the small, but fast fish eat slow fish;

often see a friend of mine said, he felt something and well, you can do, and you to understand that personal time is long past now, age alone is no longer any need to have the development team, the only way we can go to better development.

remember that in 2008 had never been seen, the time to learn seo, then we really do not have any expectations, just fascinated by the industry on this matter infatuation, silly, every day, in-depth to learning and research, and finally summed up our own way of thinking.

while ago, a few to www.9928.tv SEO training students lectures, up to ask me, when they can learn seo, when you can do online that Wangzhuan, what time can be tens of thousands of monthly salary, the problem is not I do not answer, I just do not want to give them too much combat and too high expectations, anything, is the need to experience the process of accumulation and summary.

the face of the current market, more people who want to market directly into the Internet business, because they see the development of the Internet and the opportunities to make money; the Internet who has made the Internet at the same time, With better market to sell their products, such a situation, a development may be an inevitable trend, but, again, we have to know how to make better use of the Internet combined with the market, this is a better cooperation win-win approach, rather than directly to the Internet from the market, not leading directly from the Internet market. Similarly, as a new SEO optimized staff into this area, it must be prepared. Here a few suggestions to:

SEO staff should have the quality

1, confidence

2, patient

3, carefully

4, with an open mind

5, heart

6, ability to learn

7, execution

8, Innovative thinking

9, try to summarize the ability

10, more practice see the truth

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