Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Optimization is to achieve a real grasp of qualitative and quantitative leap in

last night, before going to sleep my mind has been thinking about a problem, how we can make every day to spend time on SEO optimization can be shortened to achieve a real quality and quantity The leap. It makes me baffled. Way to work this morning, it still pondered. Suddenly, understood why. What makes me so suddenly see it? Then following it with me to analyze it. Remember, high school politics class qualitative quantitative principles of the dialectical relationship. You had better know, had to memorize this stuff I can not understand, but I spent a lot of energy ah.

first under the principle of dialectical materialism:

First, we all know, SEO methods are now more and more. In addition to the site structure must be in strict accordance with the requirements of search engines to achieve, but also must have a lot of rich content, so that satisfied users and search engines. This is also essential. Make the content of the original, long time, not only is the site favored, while also focusing on making the site right into your ongoing efforts to gradually improve. This is a quantitative and qualitative change is the interaction and mutual transformation, is a qualitative change necessary to prepare quantitative, qualitative change is the inevitable result of quantitative and open the way for the new quantitative.

second, to do outside the chain. Now a great variety of ways. How to choose. Text of the original soft, Submission to the top of the famous sites, this is the author of the most popular way. The next step is, the establishment of a different blog, classified information, friendship connections, software, mass, and so on. Of course, these are not formal buy black chain I'm not in the way mentioned. Because everything must be wider world order provides historical trend confirmed in any irregular means and methods, the final outcome is you will never turn over the land. Therefore, the Chinese so many owners, how many rules in accordance with the formal means to do it?

every day face the same topic to repeatedly try to figure out. Boring is not that also really tired of the die. But no one stop this slight, quiet reflection, for a lot of hair every day outside the chain, have tried every way, why? Ranked no improvement. Cry in my heart every day, adhere to adhere to, but many people insist for a long time, still see results. Eventually want to give up, but there are many unwilling mind ah. But how many of us believe, as long as the right way, every day doing all right, have the effect, no effect, that you think might do? SEO optimization is a need to accumulate a lot of things. Why? We know that anything the world can be attributed to changes in two forms, one is quantitative, one is a qualitative change. Quantitative change is a gradual, non-significant changes, rather than the fundamental nature of the change; qualitative change in the qualitative changes of things by - germplasm germplasm state to another state or leap mutations. It is a significant change and fundamental change. So, you did, and accumulated to a certain extent the effect is immediate.

integrated the above two points, the Shanghai Construction Association Web site network strategy concluded that: either website content or links, quality is definitely the first one, do not attach importance to quality, they can not win the trust and favor of search engines . The first is not easy to obtain high-quality content and links, followed by quality is relative is dynamic. Absolutely can not win in terms of quality competitors, when the amount is a good choice. In fact, if there is sufficient quantity, it must be comprehensive than quality, which is the essence of the long tail theory. For a Web site, the upgrading of the weight of a qualitative leap, is built on the basis of a sufficient number. We are just a little careful analysis will find that the weight of a very high volume of web site mostly to win.

methodological significance of this draw:

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