Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to optimize the key to the analysis of competitors

how to analyze competitors may know a friend going to do seo analysis of your competitors' sites (that is, those by searching the top surface), and today I gave you to share, seo is how to analyze competitor websites . In search engine optimization before the research work of competitors is a necessary, if we can study a good competitor for the entire site after the optimization process is a good start. Observed from top to bottom in accordance with observed him home:

1, observe the entire page if it contains an H1 tag, this is a font tag, H followed by the smaller values, indicating the font larger, indicating The more important words in general use H1 tag keywords are the core of the keywords throughout the site, take note of whether he uses the H1 tag to describe a keyword.

2, then page title TITLE, keywords, description tag contains keywords, the more forward of that word is generally more important, the more likely he wanted to highlight key words, there may be a phrase, but contains that keyword, you can go through the theme of the site content analysis, try to guess the site under the keywords, general clearly can be seen, not much modified or hidden.

3, and then look down if there is content in the font tag, such as bold (B), italic (I) and other labels, the general words in these tags is not the long tail keywords words, how to distinguish their own Web site title based on proper analysis and understanding. These labels usually appear on the home page and will likely be too high, or even none.

4, note content if it contains images, the general picture will use the ALT tag notes, observe whether it contains and the web site title, keywords or themes similar or long tail keywords, which themselves appropriate analysis, and is everyone will know how to do so. Comments with valid alt image tags for seo is also a good practice not to stuffing keywords or effective long tail keywords, the result is not to say, do not believe you can try yourself.

5, look at some of the lowest under the Home inconspicuous places, such as site preparation - case, the site statistics of the side, usually someone will be there to do a few text links, text links look the comment tags not contain keywords or long tail keywords, carefully looking for what you will find, probably in an obscure corner.

comprehensive look closely above the 5-point, competitors will be able to find inadequacies, he did not optimize to a place we can do, he did where we do better than him. Think of a word: I have no enemy, the enemy have my priorities! Selected competitors, do not blindly choose to select more than those who ranked much higher than their own website that is not appropriate, like all of a sudden become "fat" is not realistic. Step by step, moving steadily better, more concrete.

choose a good competitor, the first look at the competitors, the PR value of pages, then check under his website Yahoo backlinks number, lot number to see if outside the chain, and PR are high, do not choose such a competitor, and their relatively strong resources outside the chain, do not do seo, do not do the content, just write a few words of the article or articles reproduced in the front row than you, is nothing, outside the chain In the role of seo is quite obvious, at least for now attach great importance to search engines is a site outside the chain.

selected competitors too, will only make you lose confidence in their own seo technology, seo effect on the resulting confusion, select the appropriate competitors not only can help you quickly understand the shortcomings of your site office, you can gradually increase the competitiveness of your site. seo is a long and tedious work, sometimes it may take months to see results, you can stick with it? careful patient +=qualified seo.

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