Tuesday, November 15, 2011

After each update from Baidu to determine changes in the direction of site optim

before writing this article I have observed two weeks, I will update every time Baidu under my hand to analyze the overall situation of the site, your site can not explain how much, I went to see the A5 Forum How you say, it was in 9.23 am Baidu has been an update in the forum, said many owners are updated Baidu any changes to your site, these posts I have carefully read through these times Baidu updated summary of some experience that we should come out, I am not a seo expert, just a few updates I see from now own to do some analysis, summed up, optimize the site for the future direction, I believe keep up with all the seo theory Baidu algorithm constantly updated, not to mention there are a lot of seo theory will inevitably mislead the novice, look at this a few times updated following the signs and summed up the law.

included in

updated by this observation, early morning of the 9.23 update contains the majority of sites had increased 100-1000, this number just estimates, so as a reference. I included a total increase of 100 sites, this site is updated daily original article, and the other site did not change, and suddenly today, a collection of 405, are usually included only a dozen pages a day, the same also in the forum to see a lot of owners that included no nothing changes on the magnitude of the increase included, which can be drawn concerning the update site content web site contains and how much, and how much on the amount included, see the following screenshot:

do so in the future or to be more emphasis on site optimization content, update the website has become very important to include a corresponding increase in the number of outer chain will increase, Baidu focuses on giving the right of the content continues to increase.

outside the chain

update this several times as most sites outside the chain has increased considerably, probably due to the construction of the chain did not usually put out in this update put gave out. I am in a site outside the chain after the update yesterday, a few hundred less, another site did not change, many owners are outside the group in the chain increased some, but there are a lot of that outside the chain to reduce, not from this area shows how much the problem, can only say that the site exists outside the chain to reduce the garbage outside the chain outside the chain of the future should pay attention to the construction of ways to avoid such a construction of the outer chain, each update will directly affect the site to reduce the weight fluctuations, so the high quality of the chain increases The content will keep you steady increase in the number of external links.

keyword ranking

from my hand to analyze the two sites, updated every day of my original article that the site ranking on a keyword, this key words appear in the station more frequently, that the word is the site of the theme, and another decline in ranking of a keyword in the site as a whole under the weight of the word a little bit down the word rise, there are many reasons, But do not rule out the word with the topic of rankings will be front, which also shows the positioning of sites must be selected words cut paste keywords and themes, and theme runs counter to the words in the late phase Baidu has given the process a bit . My other two main keywords a site ranking fell a dozen, two dozen, why? I Baidu updated the site for two days before the template and website title, the next day even with the top, in the Home , but after last night's update about plummeted, so all the big shows floating Website changes and change the title has a great influence on the ranking is, the new station will give Baidu a good ranking and then slowly to decline, which is Baidu's usual style, I like to stand in line with such a situation, revision, change the title is equivalent to a new station, to give a good start Baidu ranking and included, and then will give you down. This may be Baidu watching you this site, so we have a new or revised after the station site should enhance the content and construction of the chain, so we go through Baidu study period.

snapshot in

snapshot snapshot of this point will be updated after each update to the previous one, besides over a snapshot of individual sites will lag, which is the site itself, not the long-term Baidu Update Web site even if a large update, your snapshot will not be updated link from where I see a snapshot of most Web sites are updated to the day before, some several snapshots, or 9.21 number. Snapshot of the top impact is not great, but you exchange links have affected other people see your snapshot too slow, not more you change, so we should adhere to update the site so that the snapshot is updated daily.

Finally, I summarize again, the search engine are updated each time an update of the previous algorithm complements, it can not be separated and then update the user experience how this principle, in order to better service users, network www.babanu.cn remind Baba slave owners do shopping guide website optimization as long as the super-user experience with this direction, the user likes what we do in order to meet Baidu's algorithm and then get a good ranking.

not thoughtful analysis, I hope you actively participate in corrective added. Thank A5 gives us the platform for our communication becomes an improvement.

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