Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baidu SEO through various means of testing the new punitive measures

in the case of an accident, do I become a station of the owners, so I began to study the problem of search engines. Baidu has been the problem since the algorithm so that many senior owners are unpredictable, but I think Qinnengbuzhuo, so I spent 10 stations specifically optimized method to do the test. These stations are no traffic stop, even if they are K it anyway, mainly to test. I have 10 stations were carried out in this round of chain, chain and black mass outside the chain, etc., the reaction can be seen from Baidu, the algorithms these days off than before the strict and punishment scales a lot.

sprocket one day K station. I use the U.S. server, each station is independent of IP. I chose to do the sprocket 5 sites, these sites never before had to be K, and contains at least has a snapshot. Test, I put the articles are updated each site with a five page site anchor text the next day look at the snapshot, a snapshot of some stations have been lost, described by K station. Baidu seems this is really a big play, so most owners probably would not do a lot of chain or sprocket, which is good or bad, leaving aside.

mass outside the chain is double-edged sword. Search engines always content is king, the emperor outside the chain. If you want to control the number of sites a lot, it is impossible to adhere to each site update the original article, so most of the time, or to rely on the chain. I used to do three sites outside the chain of mass testing, the average daily send 1000 on the site outside the chain, the results of three sites generally rank as the helicopter rose, but insisted a few days later, one morning found a snapshot of all three stations Home did not, indicating they were K a. This shows that the mass of the chain method can be used, but not much use. Mass outside the chain previously used, had never been such a severe punishment, this is a big move. But this, those large sites do not dare to easily mass outside the chain, the station owners is a good thing.

blog mass one hundred harm. Has been optimized by blog website traffic is often the means used, but now is not the same, and now review all the blog's content is very strict, if you find the contents of the article with a lot of links, advertising, or any illegal things , the blog will be directly blocked, a lot of hard moments outside the chain of hair loss. Same blog also belongs to a mass outside the chain of the way.

Do not use black chain. Needless to say this on a search engine for the black chain are the highest intensity of the punishment, even if the price of black chain-chain comparison that is much lower, but it is best not to use. Tianjin Website www.worthsoft.com.cn share, please indicate and retain the link.

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