Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Exchange Links "trap" more owners need to be cautious

whether it is to do site SEO, Internet marketing or individual owners, we are all well aware that "content is king, the chain for the Emperor" the truth. The optimization is crucial for a website that is outside the chain of our links, then we exchange links in time more or less there will be some confusion, how to exchange? What kind of link exchange is the high quality that all this is the problem plagued our webmaster.

following my lessons according to their own, and share with Friends of the chain had learned to do, we want to suggest that writing a bad place but please speak up, for we share a common progress.

First, high-quality link is generally manifested in several ways:

1, site snapshot is updated. This is a high-weight website most obvious feature, but if a high PR site snapshot frequency is very slow, then the description of the site in question, the weight of the Baidu Google is not high, so we can not blindly pursue the PR value, while ignore this important indicator snapshot. General snapshot to control within 48 hours is considered high quality links.

2, the site included the situation. Link exchange, the other sites included too little, only that the site included a small update frequency is low, or low weight. Included a multi-site does not necessarily say how much weight we must pay attention to the quality of collection, if the site is included on the collection of information, then the low degree of user experience, but now Baidu is very important that the user experience, so the site is not very good.

3, the best link exchange sites and look at each other under their keyword relevance. It is also important that we have always said that the website and related industries to exchange, for example, Jinan, Shijiazhuang, website building and construction sites to exchange links, then the most immediate benefit is that I can Shijiazhuang Website Web site from the other weights, to improve their rankings, another benefit is the addition of customers to enter Jinan Website Link to see through the construction site in Shijiazhuang, and points to come, then this site click Shijiazhuang gave a construction site the wishes of the customer, so the relevant nature is to exchange link should be noted.

4, best not to have a lot of websites that exchange. I am sure you are aware webmaster weight distribution problem, which will be too many Links to a lot of weight, then you and this site in the exchange of water is not great, unless some very high weights can be considered under the site.

then exchange links in addition to those we will encounter many problems when, for example, two domain names exchange links, cross links, and how these problems we should face it?

and we talk about the first two domain names exchange of mystery, as I understand it, and in fact the main second-level domain name is the same, very popular now is that some high profile owners and registered weight of the two domain names are also very high , with the main domain name and fame for the weight thing, then we should pay attention this time, the two domain names are often low-pr low weight, is done from the beginning a little bit, but as long as the main problem then two domain names are domain names to be involved, this is a bad place to second level domains. Therefore, the exchange of two domain names we still have to pay more attention.

then cross-linked, how should we treat it? Cross-linked our site A links to other sites of B, the other another site C links to our site A, so it seems after each cross-link links are the single-stranded, and the benefits of single-stranded chain of more than a lot of each other, so if the other's strength and our site can be considered quite a cross-link.

link exchange for rice on the first write to you, bad places please speak up. Above Web site produced by the Shijiazhuang rice www.ew.net.cn original feed, please indicate the source.

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