Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On the owners choose the techniques which link

website do so now, when the promotion is the first contact link, and had still a novice when not knowing anything about these, only on my own, a week plus a lot of links but also not management, see the link to find other people added very good, but after a period of time to know that there are many techniques which can not be blindly implemented, if handled badly it can easily lead to less effective results, so To prevent this phenomenon we must learn how to exchange links, manage link in order to promote better quality.

first to explore the link under the question, have the following skills:

First, look at snapshots. We all know how important snapshot of the website, so the snapshot will certainly be new, if not yet reached within a week on a great impact on your site. Snapshots can be described through the Baidu search engine is a problem on your site of preference, if you like your site, then your keywords will be ranked first, so this is the first choice link.

Second, the observation of the major search engines included. See the choice of exchange when Baidu and other major search engines included are normal. If we are included are extremely rare, it is worth we suspect, is not by K, and so we can not exchange. Another point is to look at the collection of Baidu Google is not too much difference between the two. Rate included the word can not be ignored, it is not proportional with the included, in addition to collection, but also included the rate of collection is not necessarily that it's included more high.

three, and two domain names do not try to link, do not cross-link. Know that two domain names since the weight is not high and space is not stable, let alone flow, and also high than where. Cross is too much trouble a little messy, inconvenient to manage, it is likely you do not know when your link is deleted the other side.

four, the other link not too much. This is not how many people will go to pay attention, preoccupied with for high PR links, and remember that link to see their outbound links, most of them are above 50, and some have reached more than 100, the surface look at that very value, with a low PR site for a high PR. In fact, even if the other high PR to bring your weight will not be too high, so I chose to link the Friends of the chain when the other party not to be too high, try to keep the 40 or so on.

five, but also pay attention to related sites. This is very simple to understand, that is considered good in these situations after the above, it is best to find content on the site and their own exchange, no need to explain.

exchange links do not think that after the end of the story, we must carry out regular management, here we are concerned that this problem. Some owners are sometimes exchanged friendly chain, in a period of time after you found your link to see each other secretly been deleted, so it is important to regularly check, assuming the other side of the site to be signs of K delete it immediately, so as not to impact. The other site was not updated for a long time snapshot, a study period to look for a long time have not updated decisive removed, remember to inform people, there must be at least this is a man of integrity.

exchange Links on the site full time to learn to think, and add and remove friends in the chain can not be completed on the same day many of the same action on our website will be affected. Hope that these experiences to help everyone, welcome if you have a lot to add. A5 paper first, to retain the author reproduced the link http://www.0722365.com/, Suizhou Information Network, Thank you for the support and cooperation of owners.

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