Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Novice to share: Baidu promotion bid a few things to note

SEO is the webmaster of a familiar word, with the rapid development of Internet, many companies and owners are starting the SEO, but also part of the start of the auction promotion. Bid to promote more rapid than for convenient access to the user, can improve efficiency, but because the cost is relatively large, so many owners will not choose this path. My website belongs to the nature of Taobao customers and more than one, and some sites do SEO, and some do directly to promote the auction. Today, the most recent bid to the promotion of Baidu few things do need to pay attention to the next summary, are their own practical experience, we want to benefit from the six started.

the first to promote the unit to be subdivided

account to promote the basic unit is composed of levels for key words, such as we can have the same nature, location or price of a similar The product is classified as a promotion of the same unit, so that more use of our overall grasp and deployment. And the time to do SEO, as such terms must collate and analyze in detail, this will improve our efficiency, because the regulations will be more clear, if you want to add or remove some keywords, just go look for the corresponding element on the line promotion the.

Second, we must optimize the quality and degree

quality of degrees is a highlight of the Phoenix Nest, we all know that the old system of Baidu's ranking is based on price, while the largest Phoenix Nest quality improvement is the introduction of degree. Keyword ranking is not only a factor in a relationship and price, but also a certain degree and quality of the relationship. Therefore, words must be optimized to Samsung, Samsung and Award of the gap between large, top performance is more stable, and sometimes more, low prices, so this is a priority.

Third, be creative enough to describe the attractive

idea is to enhance the words describe an important indicator of the quality of degrees, but more of a show to the user to see. Can effectively increase the click rate, it is actually a mental grasp of the user. It requires the statement to be fluent, use wildcards and reasonable separator, to ensure that each location can be a perfect show.

Fourth, do all kinds of matching patterns

number must be familiar with the use of wildcards, especially the *, you can match the desired results, of course, , also need to add some phrase match some of the long tail terms, this is a very popular practice, after all, the long tail of the flow is small, but the conversion rate, so to increase sales, and second, to be able to account for the remaining lot of money. Also, remember to use negative words to match, to learn to reverse thinking.

Fifth, geographical distinctive characteristics

do bid to promote and advertise the same in reality, we must know their target customers and the market is where. Under normal circumstances, put the whole network is not recommended, some of the best can accurately see where the distribution of users in more extensive, so the choice of the desired effects. If you open the whole network, it is likely to cause a waste of the phenomenon, because once you choose a certain transformation of small words, if open, then the whole network, it generates a lot of extra clicks, but if you narrow the scope of the loss will be reduced.

sixth, keywords pointing to the core page

doing the bidding of the time, each hit directly linked with the funds, it is not sloppy, not to promote the general user page final landing pages, many of which are carried out to jump, so the address must be written clearly, jump page must also planned. Although this is not a big problem, but in everyday life, but also often see some auction sites open after doing wrong page, which is go to waste. In addition, if the active page, it best not to point to the feature page.

Well, more than six is ??my recent short summary of operation, write to the share. Hope you encounter these problems can be handled more properly. Although the promotion of interest for us, but the cost is relatively large, under normal circumstances can be set as far as possible need to set up, and sometimes a small box, you can save a lot of money, which for many owners to that the more thorough understanding of the need. Well, today, this moment to share it, since to continue to be issued after the summary to share with you, Top 10 Hot Products from the breast strong http://taobao178.5d6d.com, reproduced, please keep the link, thank you!

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