Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Web space is a solid base to base site was able to fly higher

With the rapid development of Internet, a growing number of Internet users, their knowledge and understanding of the network more widely, the accumulation of more and more owners of the occupational groups increasing the size of a large number of professional webmaster Forum's broad impact makes the establishment of a website is no longer difficult, many people are beginning to build their own websites, we call for the novice webmaster, but the process will appear in the Jianzhan a lot of disturbing things, so this is necessary for everyone to remind one thing, that is, the choice of site space, should not ignore this problem, because the site will cause improper site space is K have consequences. Today we have to explore, it is hoped the number would be helpful to everyone.

before that let us look at the choice of site space, how important the development of the site, you can say your site is not something a small space can be developed to solve all problems, but when you Website developed after a little bit of growing space problem will naturally stand out, and I would like to have had such a lesson to many people, now that you will seriously make your site a good environment. So we look at how to solve the following problem space:

one choice to be careful, not to say that picking will be able to pick up cheap.

face the problems some people can not stand the space free of the temptation to bargain on the pick, then some people think that as long as the money to buy the more space must be very Well, in fact, that these are errors, many companies introduced these unconditional free space, often have additional conditions or services can not keep up the phenomenon occurs, the primary owners can just treat this place as a place to practice. But space does have a low standard, select the time to look at the configuration of the server and the local business market estimated to have broadband space standards, which can be found online. Thus we can not equal the standards of the host is good or bad, but also note that if you want high-speed stability must consider the space above.

Second, space, line, speed selection is critical, careful than careless important.

a lot of people think that the space the bigger the better, it also gives space to provide a loophole, they spotted this opportunity and had a big space under the banner of low-cost, so that in fact there are drawbacks The first one is so large that you do not need to use less space than if you just started doing stand 300 is enough, and if more than 1G so too wasted, but can not take lying, so do not too much space, big and cheap can you think of a good thing? Also talk about space line, which is a lot of people are concerned about the issue, most of the space that determines the speed of the line and this will inevitably choose the line much good. In fact, this depends on your situation, the choice can not be blind, for example, said North-South user, if the user the best selection of Southern Telecom, the North is selected Netcom, telecommunications can, no need to choose both. Owners have time to go home to see, many of them reflect that better telecommunication lines. Finally, look at speed issues, just a search online, you will see a lot of speed skills, if you are a novice choose more than three days to see room for trial and then decide whether the next choice where space needs a lot of money, So be careful in all aspects.

three follow-up site development phase space, the change will change.

addition to these there is no matter what things are slowly developed, at different stages of what they need is different, the site's growth is the same, to learn choose different types at different stages of the type of space, when the time scale of the capacity to look at space, bandwidth, IIS is enough, in the choice of a good website is best to consider the future development, the need for additional capacity, or after site development server will be up to withstand the phenomenon, so the data will pose a threat, easily lost, so there must be plans to do long-term plan, not to cause damage and then find ways to make up. Is not able to remedy the situation is not too late.

above is my little space of a few ideas, maybe you owners have a better understanding of space, but I want to say is applicable is the best, do not give up for little money a lot of money, starting A5 paper, reproduced by the station owners to retain the link http://www.500zuan.com/brush drill writing, thank you. If you have a better proposal can give the article the message, we discuss.

owners note that the last to remind you: the growth of space on a website as if the human heart, like, do not look down, otherwise the consequences unpredictable.

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