Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Machinery enterprises to optimize station records a month

from August 15 to September 20 took over the West An Zhaoxi Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. corporate website has more than one month, the customer requires more than 90% of keywords Baidu has been discharged home, or even some keywords ranked Baidu first, the effect is obvious, customers are very satisfied with the results. Here I am on some of the corporate Web site optimization promotion through detailed look.

Zhaoxi electronic domain on June 27, 2010, although has been more than a year, but the site has not been any optimization and promotion, and in August they had a new revision, so Although there are some sites included, but what has not been ranked. The site is also a new revision in the optimization poor site, title no words, no keywords, no description, no image alt, or even link pages, some details of the non-standard. However, these optimization staff is not that big problem.

Zhaoxi electronics companies to promote the key words are the main products, such as hardness, thickness, detector and some other non-destructive testing instruments. Request to see results as soon as possible, and hardness, thickness gauge, flaw of these words is a popular word Baidu bid to promote competition more intense, it is difficult to see the ideal short-term effect. The company's target customer base is mainly in Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, Xinjiang, which the five northwestern provinces, there are certain regional. So I finally decided to split into a number of key words keywords or long tail keywords segments, such as hardness divided into Rockwell, Leeb hardness tester, Vickers hardness tester, Brinell hardness, etc., and areas or combinations, such as hardness, Xi'an, Shaanxi, hardness, etc., this will rise to more broader keywords. Although the overall increase in the number of keywords, but keyword optimization greatly reduces the difficulty, if all of the long tail keywords are ranking well, and that the main keyword rankings also much easier, this is the "rural surrounding the city "divide and conquer tactics.

to do is the following optimization within the site. The first site of the plate tuning, followed by an increase link pages, the more important, the site's keyword ranking plays a significant role. Then that is modified Homepage title, keywords, description. Title in general is the product name + company name, according to the Baidu search results show up to the standard 30 Chinese characters, Chinese characters in 25 best; Keywords separated by - or _ separated. Keywords are generally 2-3 key words, more is no good, although not very great importance to keywords Baidu now this, can not write anything bad, but do not spelled words. Description of the relatively more important, a lot of Baidu search results returned are generally described in the site's text label, as shown below. Description best to include key words written in a fluent statement, according to Baidu most realistic characters in the standard 77, so best not to exceed 70 words Chinese characters.

station because the general content of less business, home focus on what you can optimize, avoid over-optimization, more harm than good. There is a website content problem. This is the core of the site is key. To try to fill the product detail page content, to establish product anchor link. Add business news and information must be standardized, time should be the law, the content should be relevant.

optimization within the site do a good job later, the back is released outside the chain. Mainly some type of machinery and instruments, and some Q & A forum website, there are some blog, library and the like, as well as B2B platform to promote, such as Qianhui network and so on. In fact, the chain growth should be noted that there is a pattern of gradual growth, not a sudden increase or decrease. In fact, the increase in the amount of each day outside the chain is not much, just a month, Zhao Xi electrons outside the chain growth from the beginning to the present 17 1740.

the above results that are good in that there are other undesirable places, although the rankings have now fairly stable, so I am somewhat worried that the place is the site of Baidu included First, an increase of some, but has been decreasing recently, did not find the real reason. Guess is the site of the test period Baidu has not arrived yet, after all, is a new revision of the site. Speculate whether the Right is unclear, only wait for the observation! Hope you can give me some advice or recommendations and continue to focus on my follow-up article. This article from the www.zhaoxidianzi.com owners feed!

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