Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SEO is an innovative play

innovation, Baidu Encyclopedia is based on the interpretation of new ideas, new inventions and describe the characteristics of a new conceptualization of the process. This highlighted the "new thinking" and "new description", and for SEO practitioners, becomes an important exception. So, play SEO, is a kind of play of innovation.

"content is king, outside the chain of imperial" in the subject, we have said thousands of times, and today talking about SEO innovation, we must have started around this area. After all, SEO is based on the content of the site, imagine a project basis if you are playing bad even then, but also how in the above re-development and re-create it.

First, we look at the content of the site. Putting aside the sites where the overall structure, they talk about the importance of content. We all know that the most original things like search engines, but as a individual owners, if you have strong writing skills, then the original one day is enough. Like my site Zhengzhou SEO (www.xiaolong520.com), although still not very good position, but write every day I must insist on an original article, if not with something relevant to the subject site.

Of course, maybe a friend will say, your site should revolve around the keywords to start writing. But not every day can have a new idea, this time it should be said about innovation in the site content. As the name suggests, is nothing more than some of the innovative content on the network has not appeared in the article. However, such "innovation" a bit difficult, after all, we as owners of the roots, the time is limited.

here, do not advocate the use of tools to do that out of the "pseudo-original." This approach can also be a few years ago, but now gradually exit the stage. Because the site is now almost 60% to 70% are doing, there have been flooding situation. Short period of time, a snapshot may be able to stability, but over time will eventually be punished by search engines. As we often say the phrase: often walk by the river, how can we avoid wet shoes.

Therefore, I advocate the "content innovation" is to uphold the original, even if it is to write a little with the theme of the site not related to the article, even if it is three days to write one, do not go to collect network original articles on the pseudo. Content creation, original benevolent.

below highlight some of them I understand, "outside the chain of innovation 'way.

increase website outside the chain, is our small webmasters to do every day, because search engines outside the chain of the page quality is the most important factor in assessment. Include your website PR value, weight, and so on Baidu SEO related information.

network, there are many ways to increase the chain, such as "soft writing", "Forum Signature", "blog outside the chain", "Links", & ldquo ; Site Review "and Baidu's related products, etc., but these are the most basic method for obtaining a foreign chain. You do, I do, we all do, so how can achieve more than the competition outside the chain of it. So, this time we should talk about some "outside the chain of innovation," the.

as SEOer who, in addition to our industry, there are many areas we like, such as music, such as painting. I remember I used to upload a cover song their own, inadvertently joined in the song information in your site information, did not think a collection of dozens of pages, but also included the day. Not only is the music, some video sites in the title when uploading video is also possible to add links. Because these sites are rarely used as a key to SEOer are made outside the chain, so the present review is still relatively easy to pass.

I remember another occasion, I am looking for work, in the major job sites (www.11rcw.com) add your own personal resume website link did not expect to find such a few days outside the chain of more than a number. View after the discovery, the original recruitment site is some small reproduced my resume. Therefore, we can go to some of the resume will not automatically remove the recruitment site with a link to send some resumes. Of course, we do not advocate this approach, because a lot of hair after you receive the phone interview.

described above is just a few examples, means that advocates say the details to learn in SEO innovation.

So, in our lives, as long as you want, not what is not done. Holding "innovation" to send the chain, I believe in any corner of the Internet, can leave our footprints.

SEO, content creation, outside the chain of innovation, we play is an innovation.

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