Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On impact the user experience for three reasons

user experience is something every webmaster pursue. Which site would be a good user experience should be ranked, but not bad. Even search engine is deliberately have more attention to user experience, then why do not we do the owners of the pursuit of it? So, a good user experience will be the development trend of websites, who can not break this trend toward! Believe that many The owners are not well understood what the user experience and user experience when some sites are very good, owners also unaware that their own means to optimize the results obtained, in fact, the opposite may be some The owners will not be optimized is the most Niubi, because they do not understand these, so they can stand on the user's point of view to analyze the site, some of this will not be bound by traditional thinking, long and long known to form stand for the users to do, rather than stand for the search engine is deliberately done, so none of this is also a good ranking. So how can we know the user experience be? By what method you can check know about it? User experience with the following analysis of three related factors:

cause an impact on user experience: friendly Interface

Do not underestimate a site's interface, this interface is equivalent to a shop store, if the site's interface messy, chaotic, pop everywhere, when the user wants to point a movie or an article, actually a few pop up here, then a good user experience of this site are limited friends. So, if you want a station user experience, it is not impossible to put pop, but pop it to control the time and frequency of play, not one minute bomb a few times, but also to experience God, Ma! Second color is the site Many of the owners are in accordance with their favorite colors to match the site colors, because each person's sense of different colors, some like red, some like green, then appeared in Bright's network, but when When you do want to note that the web site with color, such as the sad article is best to use the website more deep color, so as to be more prominent site features, one can add the user's emotional vent. Secondly, to better interpret the meaning of the article sad, called internal and external collusion.

affect the user experience reasons: the site's content

content is up to the factor that is also its most influential, all sites are with content, whether it is recommended to add their own or friends or submission of, the content will appear, no content site does not call for the site, is the movie site content is movies, pictures, site content is the picture, the other is also a means , then how do the content to make the user experience increases? This is something that all owners are seeking. Here, the author, for example, two of the same type of sites A and B, then A website's content is written by owners personally or through friends recommend submission of, B is the most content of the site was transferred from other sites a few hundred times and turn the contents. From this point you can see which site users prefer, when the likes of that site and they will stay on its website a long time, longer, visit more pages, then this is sufficient to explain the site a degree of good user experience. So, if not every day that website owners to ensure that sufficient original content added to the site, you can share your submission friends Well, general users like to share, because when a site or proposed adoption of his article, when there is indescribably heart more happy, which also makes certain to meet its vanity will certainly work harder to share. This is not a very good original content to add channels do?

affect the user experience three: site access speed

this site with space-related, not said server or VPS with guaranteed access to a good speed, too many crooks on the network, I have encountered three times, which space does not explain, when he gave me a trial for three days, when I try , access speed that is none, through online access to digital test are very small, the smaller the number the faster the access, like a 1MS and a 29MS speed, to see that which is good, but when I After purchase, I found out that he gave the test which is not rented out to my table which sets, but rented to another, this is necessary every few days I actually find customer service, what happens then? of course, is looking for Customer Service friends asked the reason can not access. Ask more, people will bother the customer is finally not even answer back, angrily, I direct a refund plus a complaint. Therefore, the site access speed and user experience of space there is no necessary link, transposition think, when you open a Web site to a minute, you also willing to wait? Users, this is why you'll often see a lot of owners as the stability is king mantra why.

user experience good and bad, directly affect a site's ranking and other factors, are also affecting the mentality of their own station, so if a site user experience is not so good, then the owners should be timely find out the reasons for the shortest possible time, to restore the biggest user, to minimize the loss, because only one opportunity missed not come again! article by http://www.7254.com Langao exclusive feed Forum, reproduced, please leave the link, thank you!

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