Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Experience: For the corporate website how do we optimize?

With the development of the Internet age, many of the industry in which companies are beginning to get involved in the Internet, and the competition is very fierce indeed, especially now that this SEO popular, many companies are beginning to look for special SEO company to optimize the site's ranking, but for many small business owners in terms of stations or individual stations is undoubtedly difficult to do business, so today I will share with you at the corporate site optimization, and I hope some of you to help owners .

(a) the domain name choice.

for a corporate Web site, the domain name must be selected, and the best for the company's name, or keyword optimized for the enterprise as the best. Why do this, first of all a good domain name for SEO optimization to help some more or less, and allows users to better remember, easy access next time, after all, a lot of cooperation are not just once, so that a a good domain name is also very necessary.

(b) choose a good web program.

We all know that the site compared to other types of business websites, the content is very small. Generally are considered the main layout of the site above, so that we do business site optimization, the internal SEO is critical important. There is generally good open-source business sites such as ded, etc., also we need to think about is the business needs of the site itself, stability and security, and internal procedures of the program on the site of some of the processing power, so we have to According to the characteristics of their own businesses stand to be a more appropriate screening program.

(c) a reasonable set navigation.

no matter what kind of site, navigation is very important for users, enterprise-station too, so we have to set reasonable business site navigation. General terms of the order, then business news section to the class first, because the spiders from crawling the order is generally done to the right, the level of the weight is in turn from left to right, so that we according to the website section of the importance to make reasonable arrangements.

(d) the internal layout of the site.

for corporate sites, the internal layout of the site in SEO which can be said to be very critical, generally more in line with the SEO for the 2-3 column layout, left for the product list in the middle of the article and products, and for the terms of the content page you need to make some appropriate adjustments, according to their habits of industry users to visit the set, if you do not know the layout of the owners, can refer to the relevant industry sites ranked better user experience for reference .

(e) the frequency of updates.

type of site content small business, we all know, for the optimization in terms of other types of site content is relatively easy, but we update the content, but must not be taken lightly, after all, the content, therefore, I must ensure that update the contents of each one of good quality and good control of the frequency of updates, easy to too much, too little is not easy, or that do not update the N papers today, not tomorrow, an update of the situation, the other is to avoid the use of collection tools Otherwise, go on a long time, the site will be K, will be plucked.

(f) outside the chain, Friends of the chain work.

for the site in terms of business, less because of updates, so that the outer chain of the above will need some effort, but for the station in terms of doing business outside the chain of more attention than other types of site specific and the relevance of the content on the site, outside the chain is not easy to say too much emphasis on the quantity, we must ensure the quality of the chain and the relevance of your site above, you can choose some of the general business station with more prominent industry forums to promote, or is business blog to promote, or text in these areas is soft.

addition to the chain, is essential for Friends of the chain, the choice of Friends of the chain, we need to be careful, not merely a snapshot from the collection to more going to focus on user experience Links and layout, security, correlation of these aspects to be considered, not associated with the site does not do the Friends of the chain site, keep in mind that "less rather do not abuse." Of course, some small capital for the site, buy some high quality links to portal sites is desirable.

Summary: For the business site is concerned, we need to grasp the details of the work, and strive to make the user experience of work, a lot from the relevant forum, blog, soft start to do some outside the chain secondary site better rankings. This article from the original owners www.qqyjx.com mood Xuan, welcome to reprint, please indicate the source and respect the original! Thank you! Good to share with you here today, see you next time! Good to share with you today, here, See you next time.

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