Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lusong Song: how search engines crawl your web pages

search engine optimization (SEO) is a good collection of web search engines process, proper SEO will help spiders crawl your site, make your content in line with search engine algorithms in order to confirm it with the key words are highly correlated.

optimization goal is to facilitate the spider web content to understand, here I will take Baidu included a new content to explain, I have a complete title search, which aims to reflect more Key words in the natural search results page Baidu, to better explain how the search engines crawl your web pages.

(Figure 1: The most common natural Baidu search results list)

SEOer usually concern is the main part of the natural web search results, Baidu and Google search results page or less the same, usually at the top of the search results page, right side, the tail are advertising links, popular keywords have ads, but I use so long words belong to unpopular words, no advertising.

page title is very important

shown in Figure 1, the search engine usually crawl the page title is the title of the HTML code Title section, so that page title is written on the search engine rankings are important, usually the page title Title to optimize the format: title of the article - the column heading - Site title.

it does not only show description

the second line of description is usually part of the interception of description, but more often will grab the first body 200 words, if you say, or the interception of the specific display description text, and it is the user's search keywords. Such as Figure 1, Baidu intercepted

the words because Lusong Song in the blog, "Internet" the key words. Intuitive response to the following figure out these problems.

(Figure 2: Distribution of search engines to crawl keyword list)

the Figure I and II combined together, we can clearly distinguish, Baidu in the end shows which parts of the page, title,

, the interception of the contents of some text and keywords. ;

users to search for keywords in the search results are highlighted in red, the user can very quickly see whether the page is what you want, usually Baidu and Google's search results is similar to I here is not to say.

keyword density and distribution

by the above two graphs, we can see that there are two key words I search for "Internet" and "Hong Kong", by Figure II, we can see, these two words I have listed the six most of the show, they are evenly distributed in all parts of the content, especially the title and the title part. Of course, the question as I search keywords, search the whole title is again, so is more evenly distributed.

and keyword density, at least I never care about that if, while writing the article, then also consider keyword density is very tired.

I think the above simple analysis, we should be able to search engines to crawl your general understanding of what part of the web page, right?

Author: Lu Songsong this address: http://lusongsong.com/reed/369.html

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