Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Li Yang SEO share a hundred test methods included Braun's new station

site contains many pages of the site determines the distribution of long tail keywords ranked in the same time also affect the site's traffic, thereby affecting the trading order website, business cooperation, improve the website contains a page on each webmaster will work. Some owners to improve Web site contains pages, began collecting updates, or directly copy the update, but the recent Baidu adjustment algorithm to make these owners at a disadvantage, Baidu has not included in these pages, also included to reduce the duplication of the previous page, tens a million is included in all aspire to every webmaster. For the new station included, many owners know what to do, website construction finished more than a month, Baidu is still unwilling to include website content pages, but simply a collection of home, foreign forces today to share a new site SEO hundred test included Braun Method:

first increase the weight of the new website, to improve the weight of the new station to the force needed to build external links:

1, outside the chain to add the number once the new site can not add too more outside the chain, we also need to note the number of the chain, all of a sudden and very few, temporary happens, the search engine will give the site down the right, top down, the update fixed outside the chain of day is best, slow slow increase in the number of fixed, so steadily.

2, the chain has added the need for rules of law, can not play one day fish drying three Skynet, the need to adhere to, outside the chain in a regular add, search engines will give weight to certain sites, while website keyword ranking position will be significantly improved if one day add a few hundred, to wait a week or a month and then added, so will outweigh the benefits.

3, add external links need to pay attention to the link quality, what is the high quality link? Many owners are aware quality links on the site's ranking the importance of the new station included important. In fact, nothing more than high PR quality links, less outgoing links, updates snapshot in time, a collection of over a hundred before a certain keyword rankings, it is best to peer sites. There are links at the same time try to choose high-quality IP host of different links, so that will be better!

Having set up the external links, and now talk about the new station included in the core of the issue to build content:

1, update the time to grasp, for a new station we have to update site content, planned update, develop a time pattern of spider, the spider to crawl the next time that a fresh page at a time update, the formation of a fixed time, so search engines will crawl the formation of a time rule.

2, the new station updates the number of articles for the new station, the reptiles have a fixed time visit, we can not release a lot of articles about the spiders to crawl the search engines have some mechanism, Suddenly the number of updates will be counterproductive. Regularly update the quantitative need, this will be included on the new station will certainly help.

3, the quality of the new station updates, the problem began in the article I already mentioned, the most recent Baidu is constantly adjusted in order to combat low-quality article sites, website users to improve expression, so that more useful , read the original message to the user. If we pursue only the number, while ignoring the quality of the article, so instead of the new station included damage. Updated for the new station, need to update from the original start, well-prepared content and improve the website will also increase the weight of the new station included the number.

if you do (women's wholesale www.gzkua.com) owners of the above mentioned six, for the new station included in this difficult problem, I believe you have solved it! This is a hundred test Braun methods included a new station, which is always changing SEO techniques, search engine core algorithm!

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