Sunday, October 16, 2011

On the magical benefits of META tags

With the development and the information age, more and more people realize that the network is gradually affecting the people and change people's lives and shopping habits, which makes some far-sighted people see the future network will people's daily life dominant, you can start using the Internet to find a rich channel. According to Internet monitoring company Netcraft latest survey data show that the network has more than 500 million sites. The company in October of this year's Web server survey received responses from 504,082,040 sites, an increase in September compared to about 18 million sites, growth rate of nearly 3.8%. This data speaks precisely because of the convenience of the Internet at, people use the Web site can be easily and freely communicate with the audience as well as the dissemination of information, the network can bring great business opportunities. One thing is very important that the world of the future network will be filled with more and more websites.

course, Netcraft's survey also shows that the overwhelming want to place the online world is how hard Yeah, the intensity of competition as much as our present civil service examinations. Having said that I think a Chinese student, said the sentence: "In the general looked a lot of boys chase the girls will have their result is enough to go also!." From this, to get a site in an increasingly competitive context, the search engine ranking is necessary to get good SEO webmaster friends carefully studied, and only a good way to find a good way, only in competition in an invincible position.

after I graduated from college directly into the SEO industry, working for three years, management and operation of large and small sites over twelve, three, and experience not considered to be very rich, but it can be said from the management, operation, website also summed up some experience. We all know SEO from a large area that is divided into stations optimization and off-site optimization, site optimization can be subdivided in many small optimization projects, such as META tags optimization, and today we talk about the head in the META tags Magical clever use of the law.

META tag can be said in a web site occupies a very important role, SEO's friends all know that if you enter a keyword in the search engines, search engines will retrieve millions or even tens of millions out the relevant page, you can see above shows the contents of a page title is the title, the following is a page of descriptive text is a description of the contents of the text or from the first paragraph of text to extract the contents of such as:

we see more of the above large font is the title, the following is the description. We can see the title of this site has too many words, is not very reasonable, in general, the TITLE tag META Chinese words which should not exceed 30 characters, because the Baidu search engine spiders can crawl display 30 characters, if your title is too long, it will automatically intercept, and intercept the process is not subject to human control. If the site is very important to display the contents of intercepted off the user experience is affected. Over a user may not know your site is doing. Standards of scientific and reasonable control in the TITLE number of words should generally be 30 characters, 65 words in English letters, Chinese characters is 32, based on years of research and analysis, the best control characters 20 to 25. Title put 3-4 core keywords, write attractive, so that visitors wanted to see Click.

META tag of the description, which is a description of the page label. We can see that the example described above, write personal feeling pretty good, there is a certain appeal. If you do the gift industry in Baidu search for key words that would be 70% of people will click on to see. If you can describe with good visibility to bring some have a website traffic. To make good use of description, there is a certain skill too, this will need to webmaster friends at work, carefully observed and summarized. General description of characters, then words in 77 sub-control, if control of the English alphabet in 165, the requirements of this title to be slightly more than loose a lot more space to play. Description can be included in the title in the keywords, you can only write the title in the keywords, but also wrote other related important keywords, but must use a consistent language to organize themselves to take into account the user's experience level. Also in the keywords META tag writing, it can be said to write keywords in Web pages have become not very important, as early as ten years ago is very important, now more intelligent search engines, and anti-cheating ability of more powerful the. So you owners can no longer waste time on the keywords. head tag inside the other META tags for SEO does not make any difference. Important now is that the three should be the exact title and description.

summary, META tags of the title and description if you use good, you can make your optimization work to achieve a multiplier effect. Owners hope to learn to skillfully Magical META tags. As long as you choose the right keywords to optimize, optimize the home page, so that the magical effect of META tags, not afraid of your site traffic, as the effect, you know.

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