Sunday, October 16, 2011

Growth in learning and work experience of SEO

contact with SEO work almost a year, in the past year, I work in practice as well as by their learning and integrity of their way SEO process.

my experience

contact with SEO when it was in October last year, when the school introduced a group of people to practice, because it is computer science , and on the choice of SEO promotion. The next six months internship, I would basically turn the chain around every day, every day the face of those who struggle with the target outside the chain. Later, when the end of practice, my SEO knowledge base just outside the chain is working, because he is learning some, but only some very simple understanding.

after graduation, I entered the company now, small, SEO team is not complete, just a bunch of 3,4 individuals to promote the station. When practice is done in English, and now the company is Japanese, not English, so competition is relatively intense. Japanese SEO, then we get the promotion can be quite confused, English only recognized the promotion of this way only, so the site has yet to progress. Now, the company's SEO team has a certain scale, it has some considerable experience to guide our predecessors, making the road with my SEO full confidence.

first contact with the web site

attachment phase I only know the day outside the chain of hair entirely missed with the site's content. Station optimization, keyword research, do not understand what promotional tactics, the impression of understanding is blog, bookmarks, forums, and comment on the contents of this series, as do every day.

I have been learning to understand Google's collection of their own habits, to see some of the experiences other people in the forum, until three months ago, I have access to more knowledge to the site, let me touch to deeper things. Although the Japanese site, the target Yahoo, but also lacks what is the system of people to practice learning experience for our reference, we explore the Japanese Yahoo temper, while engaged in the site's internal optimization. Due to staff shortage, many things need to own, website optimization, keyword analysis, traffic analysis, etc., a lot of things need to do it themselves, come into contact with more and more, so I had to spend more time SEO to learn and study more areas.

calendar from my heart

1, as a SEOer vision must be put away, not just limited to the current rankings and traffic. I think that website optimization is also reflected in the results of that part of the user experience, ultimately in order to obtain orders. So, do not be too obsessed with rankings, so the paid labor of wealth or want to achieve is should be needed.

2, must be motivated. Both owners and ordinary employees, we should have a goal that will lead us to what is in the SEO field as this, you always want to be elite or ordinary kind?

3 , ability to learn. In my practice, I think the ability to learn and explore is very important. In the field of SEO, we only see the tip of the iceberg, what is deeper, all need to go explore.

4, humble spirit. The so-called do not know want to ask, whether master or heroes, you are likely to exclude doubt. Should not be too exaggerated, a lot of people than you cattle, but disdain in which they are vanity. The real masters are very modest, and not play, and his low-key.

5, insisted that the spirit of hard work. Like the marathon, even if not necessarily to the finish line you are a champion, but did not adhere to the final harvest is certainly not ideal. Used outside the chain of hair every day, every day a small study, a daily analysis of data and a series of daily site updates, and more complicated things, not seriously insist, no perseverance, hard to imagine what you as.

it is only since I have to learn some SEO experience, knowledge, not rich, I do not know SEO deeply, so nothing out of something to write technical content. As my experience, the accumulation of more, will know more, so I believe that with my study and practice, I will be able to go in the broader field of SEO it.

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