Sunday, October 16, 2011

Luna chubby: a common stumbling block user conversion rate

long time no write articles, recent study of the financial industry, busy site, and these days several of my friends asked me why rafts up, traffic has also been, but the conversion rate is not high, the site bounce rate is very high, so the chubby moon from here today to share some of my views, I hope to give these friends a little thinking and recommendations to help you make the site conversion rate.

one of the reasons: the complex structure, easily lost.

This is a lot of sites, especially some large sites prone to problems, that site the bigger the better, but the reality is that web shop is large enough, but the traffic up, conversion rate is not high enough, not by how much benefit, in fact, that the most important issue is the major stations get too complicated structure, such as the common number of financial stocks stations, particularly the complex, while the owners want to do better if Some owners may wish to reference and information network or some other famous sites, so the structure becomes simple, of course, the most clear, or 58, go to the market and other information like simpler and more clear, I believe the user to use and more convenient.

second reason: the old non-use value of information.

many sites have been worried about a low conversion rate, but it does not update the site, always dominated by copying someone else's article, which leads to even rise to the top five ranking can not get up conversion rates.

because both the customer, or search engine spiders, want catch the latest and most talked about information provided to the user, and when to keep your site updated it though, but is not available to users Those most concerned about the best real-time news, the same can not give the user a good impression, which led directly out of the user.

third reason: the complexity of the user is lost.

this point is that many Chinese owners of the lost, perhaps more for ranking web page will get a lot of articles and information, but largely ignored the user's experience, the user looking for their stuff when they need to click 3-4 times, or even more times to find, and foreign sites, but in this area very well, either mall, or video sites, or a loan website, are able to 1-2 times a user needs to open to find information, and this will undoubtedly enhance the user experience and increasing the conversion rate, saving the user time, and attract users.

short, seo more do not flow, but the conversion rate, and more to do is the user's experience and success rate, so I hope more SEOer inside out rate from this circle, let its more simple and easier to solve customer problems, I believe you also have greatly improved. This article first network owners, the goddess of the moon chubby original, welcome to reprint, please do not delete the chain, thank you.

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