Sunday, October 16, 2011

Website Optimization novice state of mind must have several

website optimization is a difficult and long way, every day, many people joined the ranks, there are a lot of people out. Baidu's algorithm update is now faster and faster, and because many owners do not see results, so I chose to quit, how to stick to the end it? I summed up what several state of mind, for our discussion

1, determined

do anything, do not have to succeed is not enough, especially to do site optimization. In the first few months, probably because of various reasons, did not see any of their pay in return, is to uphold or abandon it? At this time will test our resolve, and this world will always be "left is king "We now see some of the site optimization of people, are experiencing difficult times did not give up and successful, as we have to novice full of such determination.

2, confidence

new station on the line in the first few months, the new station is no weight in Baidu does not have any good ranking, Baidu will During this time the new station will be pulled into the sandbox to observe, at this time, owners will find that no matter how hard they try, their rankings are no significant changes, and sometimes may even be a phenomenon of the decline in ranking websites, there are The owners will use their own method cast doubt on the website, this time we need to use the methods of their absolute confidence in their own way, to spend Baidu study period.

3, perseverance

website optimization is a sustained process, webmasters do nothing more than a day to do is update the contents, so a few things outside the chain, and occasionally do a few days will feel very fresh, if every day the same set of processes will inevitably feel quite boring, but no way, since we have chosen this line, there should be a persistent state of mind and stick to it, and will definitely see results.

4, attentive

novice just starting to do SEO, there will inevitably be the wrong way or another, this time we need to have enough patience to find information, analyze problems reason, to find the error, to discover the law of search engine ranking, and only enough to explore carefully what other people have not noticed, so much faster progress than others.

This is my summary of some of the on site optimization of several novice must have the mentality, of course, there are some other ways, If you have a better way, but also look exhibitions. Above website by the Shanghai Construction ( original, reprint please specify, thank you.

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