Sunday, October 16, 2011

Optimization methods to help you with competitor on board Home

both in the network, or in reality, as an SEO, it should always observe competitors to hear some comments. We all know that the early competitors in the site is the object of our study, the latter part of the site is our stumbling block competitors, so for whatever reason, our research on competitors is essential. In general, we regard the words we need to do in the search engines as the top three competitors website, the site initially, research competitors, allows us to take a lot less tortuous path can also understand some of our own website inadequate, there is need to upgrade some parts of the site, analyze competitors, optimization, even if we imitate others ways to optimize the site to get a good ranking. On the site later, we have to do is to go beyond its competitors, which rose to the top search engines. Of course, in order ahead of the competition, but also need more analysis of the opponent's shortcomings and to adjust the optimization method, make up your site's shortcomings, more attention to other details, the site also features a little more than their own. So how can analyze competitors do?

1, first you have to find the site's competitors, if the keyword competition is small, then competitors will be less, 1-3, with particular attention Home page or part of the site to do the key words, because they will be our major competitors. If the keyword competition is relatively large, we have to look at the total number of sites, the first five the number of sites, there are several home sites, respectively, listed here. And, in general, competition has quite a big word to optimize the website, some very old website domain names, some New site, both site analysis, the results are not the same, older site domain name , may not do optimization, but here are a high ranking website is generally very stable, the weight is relatively high. The New site is more familiar with the search engine, do a lot of optimization of the operation. So put these two sites were analyzed advantages and disadvantages. Some sites also is home to do some web pages with the inside pages or sections to do, these must be studied separately.

2, identify competitors, the first analysis of its domain, server, etc., a good domain name and server brought to the site is very useful. Sometimes no matter how we do ranking always compete each other, is often the hardware elements. Even later analyzed these reasons we can not change. We can only begin select the domain name space, they have to try to choose the right.

3, you can also start from the internal Web site, the first analysis of its three label wording, especially the title tag, analyze how the word, keyword density, keyword distribution analysis of the benefits of such written and disadvantages which respectively; followed by analysis of the structure from the site, usually including the analysis of the overall site architecture, two columns, content, page design, site internal structure, including directory structure, URL set, H1, H2, strong labeling of such use of internal links layout. Now let's analyze website articles, analysis of its quality and whether original, update time, the article included the situation, keyword layout, use of labels within the article.

4, analysis of web business models, there are site location, customer orientation, the focus is on what? This is very important.

5, see its external chain, analysis of competitors outside the chain method is how to do, the quality of higher or lower. Human knowledge is limited, energy is limited, the method of outer chain many do not have one. Opponents outside the chain we can imitate the way, as long as you can do a good absorption over. As before, I do not know how soft the text outside the chain of cattle do not know the platform outside the chain link of high quality, only more research into some of the ways other people to add their own kingly.

there are Links that part of the transmission link weights are high, analysis of the link can also be a record, after the exchange of Friends of the chain can also be used.

good analysis, but also to make an analysis, analysis of their own out of something clearly remember, but every time we need to update the data records, always pay attention to competitors change, sounds like a lot of trouble, but the future development of this web site is helpful.

final say is, do you want a good website ranking well, study competitors missed. Our final goal is the first web site, analyze competitors, not just to learn, imitate, more importantly, beyond. Schindler seo article published in Fuzhou by the printing, reproduced leave the connection!

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